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From Maoz Israel Report April 2023
ישראל והמאבק על הדמוקרטיהישראל והמאבק על הדמוקרטיהישראל הייתה אמורה לגבש חוקה. התנאי הזה צוין באופן מוגדר בהחלטה 181 של האומות המאוחדות ובהכרזת העצמאות של מדינת ישראל, שבה כתוב שהממשלה החדשה תגבש חוקה דמוקרטית. הממשלה כינסה דיון למטרת חוקה, Read More Israel Wrestles with DemocracyIsrael Wrestles with DemocracyIsrael was supposed to have a constitution. This was specifically stipulated in United Nations resolution 181, and in Israel’s Declaration of Independence which stated that the new government would create a democratic constitution. A constitutional assembly took place, but as he was also handling attacks from five enemy armies, Ben Gurion was afraid that if they sat and debated all the contentious issues regarding the nature of the state, this would cause an irreparable division. They decided to wait until a later date when circumstances on the ground were better. Whenever that would be. Read More <strong>유대인을 재정의하려는 이스라엘 정부</strong>유대인을 재정의하려는 이스라엘 정부내가 50년도 더 전에 이스라엘 국민이 되었을 때, 예슈아를 믿는 이스라엘 유대인은 불과 몇 명이었다. 개인적으로는 1960년대에 오직 두 메시아닉 부부만 알았다. 둘 다 이민자였는데, 한 쌍은 유럽에서 왔고 다른 한 쌍은 튀니지에서 왔다. 그 자녀들은 신생 이스라엘 국가에서 최초의 몇 안 되는 사브라(이스라엘 토박이) 유대인이 되었다.
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