Two Secrets to a Successful Impact

Two Secrets to a Successful Impact
Published: March 1, 2022 | Maoz Israel Reports

Shalom from Jerusalem!

According to our definition at Maoz, a “successful impact” in Israel is an impact that can still be seen years, if not decades, after the initial activity took place. After living virtually my entire life watching ministries work in Israel, there are two things that have been ingrained in my heart when it comes to successfully impacting Israel. 1. You will not have a long-term impact on Israel without involving local Israeli believers. 2. Local Israeli believers will have much less of an impact on Israel without the help of Christians from around the world.

More often than not, Israelis—even Israeli believers—like to feel they can do everything on their own. Internationals for their part, tend to think what works back home will work here in Israel. It takes maturity to recognize we are a Body and God designed us to need each other.

God’s Kingdom is best built when we are all engaged in what God is doing. Therefore, it is our prayer at Maoz that you will know what role God has laid out for you to fulfill in your own personal life—and how it intersects with Israel.

Can you pray? Can you give? Can you study and then teach and train those around you when it comes to Israel?

Want to understand Israel firsthand? Come and visit us at the Maoz Headquarters when you’re in Jerusalem, or connect with us when we’re in your area. (Stay tuned! We’re bringing a whole team from Israel to the U.S. this summer!)

This month we highlighted Joseph’s congregation. We know they will continue to grow without our help. But we also know they can grow faster and healthier if our Maoz team and partners engage in building the work together. We will be working with them long-term on this congregation plant and would love it if you also adopted them into your prayers.

When you pray, you are part of the story God is writing for Israel. When you give, you are part of the Kingdom advancing in Israel. So come with us! Help us build a Kingdom with eternal rewards.

Your fellow harvesters,

Kobi and Shani Ferguson