The Calling of My Life!

Published: October 1, 2022 | Maoz Israel Reports

Farewell, Ray and Christy (left) and welcome to the Maoz family Kevin and Rachel (right)!

When I met Ari and Shira, and began serving Maoz Israel Ministries 34 years ago, I had no inkling what lay in store for me. Yes, I had dedicated my life to God, to my husband, to my two sons…but I knew there was another avenue of service God had in mind for me, as well. And, although at first, Maoz was simply a job opportunity…quickly it became a life calling.

The JOY, the stretching, the relationships, the work, and the PRIVILEGE of serving the Jewish people truly became a fulfillment of a Word from God in my life. My grandmother served the Jewish people during her lifetime, going door to door in her hometown, sharing the Gospel in her Jewish neighborhood. Quickly, I realized God had given me the same opportunity, using my own gifts and talents of administration. And I have loved every minute of it!

I’ve seen the ministry prosper, grow exponentially, adjust to the times and the seasons, and now transition leadership to Kobi and Shani. In every phase, there have been delightful times of victory, and challenging times of growing. Through it all, I’ve served with my whole heart!

Now, as I turn to the next season in my life, I am so thankful God has placed Maoz in the capable hands of Kobi and Shani to carry on with the vision of making believers strong in Israel.

I’m grateful I have had the privilege of knowing and loving our partners—both here in the USA and around the world. Our partners are the very lifeline of Maoz and are vital to the success of our ministry.

I have loved working and collaborating with my wonderful U.S.A. team, and our international Maoz offices and their teams. What a magnificent staff God has given to us to carry on with the work of Maoz Israel Ministries!

And truly, I have absolutely LOVED travelling in the Land! Israel has become my “second” home. Seeing the Land, loving the people, and seeing the ministry flourish has been one of the most thrilling parts of my time with Maoz. What a privilege!

I want to introduce you to Rachel Melton, who will be taking the helm of MAOZ USA. She is a seasoned believer, an administrative genius, and a wonderful match with Kobi and Shani, as they, together, will lead Maoz to higher levels of effective and impactful ministry.

I encourage you to get to know her! She is going to be a wonderful addition to our team! It’s been a ride of a lifetime! And I’m so thankful to have shared it with all of you!


P.S. And, in case you are wondering, Ray and I have bought a lovely little farmhouse on an acre in North Carolina, three minutes away from some of our grandsons (ages 1, 3, 5, and 7), and plan to spend some time making an impact in their lives and enjoying all the perks that life with grandchildren bring!

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