Launched in 2002,

is the benevolence arm of Maoz Israel aiding victims of terror, widows, orphans, needy families and those with medical emergencies 

Aiding people in Israel is a delicate art. In one sense people are excited for breakthrough in their lives, but our nation is small and the Body of believers in Israel is even smaller. As some of the stories cover sensitive topics, some names were changed to protect their privacy and dignity. Rest assured, however, the life-changing impact ISWI’s aid has been able to offer them is entirely real!

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Israel War Relief Effort 2023

These are just some of the clips from the Maoz Israel team war relief efforts to help
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Thank you partners of Maoz Israel!

Donors of Maoz Israel have made it possible to provide much needed supplies and equipment to our
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Olga’s Strory

Olga immigrated to Israel with her husband and three children years ago. With a PhD in Civil
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Remember that Sports and Leadership Camp we talked about?

Can we say thank you twice?  A few years ago we sent out a request to our
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Veronica & Konstantin

Stories from Ukraine – Imagine being physically disabled from birth, while being part of a family that
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Stories from Ukraine – When the war broke out, Anya with a walker, knew any move would
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Wood Burning Stoves

Stories from Ukraine – Working with other organizations is something Maoz loves to do! We knew many
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Kharkiv Special Education School

Stories from Ukraine – This school for special education in Kharkiv used to be open around the
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Kyiv Refugee Shelter

Stories from Ukraine –  The initiative began when Valentina and some local acquaintances received a shipment
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Children’s Village

“These are new? And you’re leaving them here with us?” the kids asked with sheer wonder in
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I came to Israel with my husband and three children. I have a Ph.D. in engineering, so
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My wife and I were four months away from immigrating from Ukraine to Israel in 2004 when
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Aya and Vasily were already married with a just-turned teenage daughter when they arrived in Israel 19
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I was born and raised in a German kibbutz in northern Israel. The kibbutz was established
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IDF Soldiers

The military operation this year was Watchman on the Walls. We at Maoz not only kept abreast
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I grew up in a family with two deaf parents. Fifty years ago, they were able to
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Joice was less than a year old when his parents fled Lebanon and settled in Israel. His
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When I married a Jewish man in the former Soviet Union, I didn’t care about his religious
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Stories from Ukraine – “The day the last of my friends left I cried bitterly all day.
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Stories from Ukraine – They piled the kids in the available vehicles and left. What should’ve been
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Stories from Ukraine – The vast numbers of bombs, wounded and perished grows with each attack, but
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I am a language teach by profession. I taught in a Jewish elementary school in the Ukraine.
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Ethiopian Congregation

“H” is a pastor of one of the most vulnerable sects of Israeli society. Of all the
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