September 2018 Letter

Published: September 1, 2018 | Maoz Israel Reports

Dear Maoz Partner,

Happy New Year 5779!  We are one year closer to the Coming of Messiah!

This month we have shared with you an important part of Maoz’ ministry—publishing books of faith to encourage and equip Israeli believers, as well as books to reach the lost.

When we published our first series of Hebrew books in 1978, it seemed completely absurd.

To put thousands of dollars into printing a series called “Through the Bible” by Gordon Lindsay (my father) seemed irrational.  After all, in the 70’s there were only a few hundred Messianic Jews in Israel at best, and only a handful spoke Hebrew.  The rest were immigrants, mostly from the U.S. and Europe, who read their Bibles and books in their mother tongue.

But we knew, according to Bible prophecies, there is coming a great revival of Israelis who would believe in our Yeshua the Messiah.  We felt deep in our hearts we were the ones to help prepare for the multitudes who would come to faith, and books in Hebrew would be of vital importance!  In fact, God has used Maoz Publishing to print tens of thousands of books to give to non-believers sharing testimonies of Jews coming to faith!

So from that day to this, we have been translating, editing, typesetting and publishing faith-based books to help Israeli Jewish believers grow in maturity, and to bring the lost to receive the great gift of Salvation through Yeshua.

Today we have a wonderful selection of Hebrew books on our website at   We also have a fast-growing audience purchasing our electronic books on the Internet.  As quickly as we can raise the funding, we put them on Amazon and on a large secular Hebrew electronic outlet.  This means more and more non-believers are being exposed to the Gospel!

Our goal is also to get the books out to the Messianic Jewish Body for them to read and grow in their faith.  In the 20 Hebrew-speaking Messianic congregations  that carry our books, we offer them free to those who are not able to purchase them!

But may we be honest with you?  Each book we undertake is an expensive project and the process can take 18 months or more from beginning to end.  We are not publishing to make a profit!  We publish books to strengthen our Messianic Hebrew-speaking community and to reach the lost—any and every way we possibly can.

These books will be used to advance God’s Kingdom until Yeshua, King of the Jews, returns to earth.  These books are here for the long haul!

For the books mentioned above, we need $38,752 to finish them and get them out to Israelis across our nation.

Will you help us? One thing we know in our hearts and see in the Spirit:  Bible Days are here again!  The harvest is very ripe!

May God bless you this coming New Year!

Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram