Messianic Jewish Alliance of America 2018

Published: November 15, 2018 | Maoz Israel Reports

We have been married for almost a year and live near Haifa. Both of us are 28 years old and professional English teachers. About two months before the flight to the U.S. we realized that Dana is pregnant, and we considered canceling the trip out of concern for the well-being of our baby. We prayed, decided to go anyway, and were blessed due to this decision.

I was born into a believing family in the Haifa area, and Yoni came to faith after me. Because Yoni is still new in the faith, and comes from a strongly atheistic background, at first he doubted the significance and purpose of this conference.

However, he felt God had a reason for us to go, and that he should attend the conference with a positive mindset. The general experience of the conference was amazing and awakened deep feelings, thanks to the powerful love showered upon our Israeli group.

We met Russell, a congregational leader in the U.S., who befriended Yoni at the volleyball game. We had lengthy discussions concerning the body of Messiah in Israel, and about life in Israel in general.

He was so excited about all he heard, and the next morning he told us he’d prayed for us all night, and then he started to cry; he cried for a long time. As we left, he blessed us, prayed for us and asked to have a picture taken with us, to share his testimony with his local congregation.

All in all, the conference was amazing; the spirit of love, giving, sharing, listening, with a special emphasis of love for Israel and those of us living there. We were very blessed to be there (and how much more at the special Israeli evening!), and we sensed the presence of God blessing every speaker, every activity, and even every meal.

The local staff, and the staff of MJAA always gave us the feeling of belonging and acceptance. With Yoni, I saw his faith had significantly strengthened, and he received answers to many questions. In spite of his concerns, he received much more than he had expected both spiritually and physically.  I gained a deeper understanding of the significance of the Jewish nation for the salvation of other nations, because in Israel there is a feeling that Jewishness is taken for granted with no universal purpose.

We want to give our heartfelt thanks to the generous donors, without whose help this amazing trip would not have happened. We made close friends within our Israeli group and also met others from several other countries.

We recommend as many Israeli believers as possible take part in this empowering experience. In the name of Yeshua we thank and bless all the amazing donors for one of the most incredible experiences of our lives!

Yoni & Dana Majlin

This special trip to the U.S. was exciting and an incredible blessing for me, having just finished the army.  People who’d never met us before loved us, honored us and prayed for us, just because we were from Israel.

Their love caused me to appreciate and understand how important it also is to pray for them and for the conference, and for all those who’d given donations so we could come and receive so much during just two short weeks.

I want to send a big “Thank You” to all the donors for your love and faithfulness to Yeshua and to Israel.

Emily Manpel