Boots on the Ground – The Nations

Published: November 1, 2020 | Maoz Israel Reports

While we love to show you the many projects and various ministries with whom we partner, none of it would happen without the individuals who pour their blood, sweat, and prayers into the intense work of Israel’s restoration. Here’s just a snippet from each of their stories.

Maoz USA ————————–

Ray and Christy

Ray & Christy

I met Ari and Shira on a road trip in the late 80’s. My family had long had a love for Israel,  and so when I heard they were from Israel I asked the fateful question of what they did and why they did it. By the time we reached our destination I knew my destiny was tied to theirs.

Maoz Canada ————————–

Helio and Stephanie

Helio & Stephanie

I first heard about Maoz when I was a student in Bible school. I felt like working with Maoz would mean looking back one day and realizing I took part in transforming a nation (Israel) for the Kingdom of God. I look forward to the day I will tell my children and grandchildren that our service contributed to the fulfillment of eternal purposes.

Maoz UK ————————–

Brian and Elizabeth

Brian & Elizabeth

I had been raised with a strong but secular Jewish identity but thought when I recognized the truth of Yeshua in my 20’s that meant letting go of my Jewish heritage. Ari and Shira’s visit to a church I was pastoring in 2008 began a reawakening of my roots. So, it just felt right when I was invited to take part in Maoz’ vision to see all of Israel saved.



I first heard about Maoz when I lived in Israel as a teenager in the 1990’s.  In a recent visit to Jerusalem with some worship leaders from the UK, we visited the FoA studio. Having worked extensively in the UK in the area of music, I knew what came out of that studio would not only impact Israel, but would somehow affect worship in the UK and I had to be part of it.

Maoz Español ————————–



Two years ago, I volunteered at a national conference in Guatemala to help at a Maoz booth. By the end of the four-day conference I had fallen in love with Maoz’ vision for Israel’s salvation––and their passion to educate the Church about Israel. I believe working with Maoz is the best chance I have to help my generation receive this same revelation about Israel.

Maoz Brazil ————————–

Matheus and Bianca

Matheus & Bianca

I had heard about Maoz when I was a student at CFNI. When I heard they were looking for a new Brazil director, I inquired with leaders around me who told me Maoz only talks about what they’re really doing. I quickly realized Maoz is not just a ministry but a Kingdom family and I knew I wanted to be a part of this family.

Maoz Ireland ————————–



About 20 years ago I heard Shira speak in Ireland and was shocked to realize that most Irish erroneously accepted Replacement Theology, and this was incredibly detrimental to Ireland’s participation in God’s end-time plan. I knew I could offer my networking skills to combat this travesty and got involved.

Maoz Germany ————————–



I am Maoz’ most recently-added member. I’ve always had a passion for Israel and had been praying for God to give me a way to do more than just love Israel from a distance. So, when my friends told me about Maoz’ work in Israel and that their German branch had an opening, I knew this was God’s answer to my prayers.

Shalom from Israel,

Even as we gathered all these personal stories from our staff, we found ourselves in wonder of how God has orchestrated each step, each person, each God-encounter for everyone He has brought to Maoz for His purposes. It is remarkable to see in all these stories how their investment in Maoz has helped them realize their own God-inspired dreams. And that is exactly how God works. He uses all of our circumstances to bring about our dreams for His purposes.

While we get to enjoy the Maoz team on a daily basis, we wanted you to get to know them as well—because—as a Maoz partner, this team is YOUR team. Their wins are YOUR wins. The fruit of their labor is the fruit of YOUR effort, as well.

This year has held incredible challenges as well as unique stories of triumph that only adversity can bring. We will never forget the rush of distributing funds just before the lockdowns to singles and families who, forbidden to go to work during the two lockdowns of Passover and Sukkot were simply unable to buy food. We experienced an incredible sense of purpose and duty—Israel needed what we had to offer.

Our FoA musicians did not take their role for granted during this time either, and worked long and crazy hours recording music with FoA artists like Shiloh Ben Hod, Birgitta Veksler, the Sakhnini Brothers and Evan Levine, to name a few. In turn, they couldn’t help but feel God’s appreciation when the studio was given special permission to stay open during the spring months-long lockdown. After all, worship is essential.

Often it is the years of plenty that yield unimaginable fruit, but it was this year’s pruning that brought the fruitfulness to the forefront for Maoz in a way only God can orchestrate. This team of “incredibles” is truly a tapestry of lives, built around HIS Kingdom agenda for Maoz—to make believers STRONG in Israel.

We thank you for your continued support and pray that as your story intertwines with the story of Maoz, you will find yourself in this same tapestry of God-fulfilled dreams.

For the future of Israel,

Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram  &  Kobi and Shani Ferguson