Brand New Faith Books in Hebrew

Published: September 2, 2018 | Maoz Israel Reports

Books in Progress
$38,752 will put all of these books in 20 Congregations and on the Maoz Books website. We are also able to put them on digital internet for approximately $1,500 each.

A Hope and a Future
by Jonathan Bernis

The walk of a true believer is even more than salvation and the promise of eternal life. It is about abundant life as well. Genuine hope is not wishful thinking. Through this compelling teaching, believers will better understand the specifics of God’s commitment to bring them through difficult times and help them to fulfill their ultimate destiny while on this earth.

PAID IN FULL! $15,104

A Rabbi looks at the Supernatural
by Jonathan Bernis

We are very excited that more and more really great books are being written by Jewish believers. Jonathan Bernis of Jewish Voice has taken on the subject of the supernatural—a subject that few Jewish people understand or are even aware of. A much needed book for both Israeli believers and non-believers.

TOTAL COST: $12,330
LEFT TO PAY: $8,611

A Rabbi looks at the Afterlife
by Jonathan Bernis

A second book by Bernis on an incredibly important subject. In our opinion, there is no more important subject to teach, preach or witness on than life after death. Bernis takes the reader on an unforgettable journey of faith, exploring Scripture, history, and first-hand accounts of those who have experienced the afterlife.

TOTAL COST: $15,300
LEFT TO PAY: $11,075

The Islamic Antichrist
by Joel Richardson

Joel Richardson is one of the most balanced and knowledgeable voices in the world today concerning prophetic and end times insight. Even though this book is a message to believers around the world, revealing Islamic theology concerning their coming “messiah,” This will be a shocker for many Jews—believers and non-believers—who will be changed through the research and message of this book.

TOTAL COST: $13,743
LEFT TO PAY: $3,032

Your People Shall Be My People
by Don Finto

If ever you want to give a book to a Jewish friend written by a non-Jewish true lover of Israel, this is the one! Finto exquisitely reviews God’s eternal love for Israel, and then explains that every born-again Christian who loves God and knows His heart through the Scriptures, will also passionately love and care for Israel and Israelis. A great book for Jewish non-believers.

TOTAL COST: $11,912
LEFT TO PAY: $7,687

The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace
by Gary Chapman – Paul White

So essential for Jewish believers in Yeshua, the #1 New York Times bestseller will dramatically improve workplace relationships simply by learning one’s coworkers’ language of appreciation. Most problems in organizations flow from this question: do people feel appreciated? This book will help you answer “Yes!” and will enhance the testimony of believers in the workplace.

TOTAL COST: $14,774
LEFT TO PAY: $8,347