Building Bridges of Faith: Supporting Jewish and Arab Believers in Israel

Published: July 1, 2023 | Maoz Israel Reports

Shalom from Jerusalem!

If there’s anything we know God desires for His people—it’s unity! The kind that the world can’t create, no matter how many political summits they have. That is why I Stand with Israel means standing with the Jewish people and Israel’s Arab citizens living alongside us who call Yeshua their King. Twenty percent of Israeli citizens are Arabs.  (Only 7% see themselves as Palestinians.  The rest consider themselves fully Israeli citizens.) Their churches are growing.  And what is so wonderful, is that in Israel, both “cultural Christians” and Muslim Arabs can be evangelized—an almost non-existent phenomenon in Muslim countries. Helping the Arab Christians in need, enables the Arab Body to prosper and increase, giving more and more time to evangelism and discipleship.

Working with over 100 congregations, I Stand with Israel receives requests from pastors for their members—individuals in crisis, persecuted believers, young families, single mothers, orphans or widows—and we give without preference to Jew or Arab.

We have helped many working students—Jews and Arabs—attend college or universities, allowing them to find good jobs, which of course makes them stronger and more effective believers who can be actively serving the Lord in their communities.

We approve every request we possibly can from the gifts of our faithful partners.

Your gift—small or large—joins us in the effort of making believers strong in Israel. And a strong Body is the most powerful witness we have to reach Israelis with God’s message of promise.

Aid for Jews and Arabs