Homeland Defenders

Published: January 3, 2024 | Maoz Israel Reports

Shani Ferguson, Ari Sorko-Ram and the Maoz team on site to help Israeli refugee families near Tel Aviv.

Dear Defender of Israel,

In Hebrew when the news talks about the war, there is always reference to the frontlines— referring to our military activities and the “rear”—referring to our citizens.

The Israeli Defense Force is tasked with defending our borders. However, should a terrorist sneak past the army into towns and cities near the border, a local security squad—first responder civilian volunteers with combat military background—will be dispatched to defend the town until the IDF arrives with larger forces.

This war changed everything. When thousands of terrorists infiltrated Israel on October 7th, they spread out to dozens of villages simultaneously. The threat of infiltration was no longer just to border towns, but to cities all over Israel.

Every village, town and city is now putting together emergency squads. However, being run by civilians, none of this is funded by the government. Which is why, once again, Maoz has been asked to help equip these dads, moms and grandads with gear to protect them so they can protect their families and neighbors.

Despite its ancient roots, Israel is a modern country and culture. The shift into a war zone has been very startling and demanding. But this shaking has also opened many doors for believers to engage in national needs where in the past we were shunned as a cult and traitors to our ancient Jewish roots.

This shift is happening for us because Maoz supporters have given us the ability to help significantly. Your voice is being heard loud and clear:

Christians and Messianic Jews love and support Israel.

Working together to defend Israel,

Kobi and Shani Ferguson

Building a school! Mayor of Ra’anana city together with the head of Ra’anana Foundation show our team the construction site where Maoz is partnering to build a school for evacuated children. These necklaces are being worn by Israelis and people all over the world as a reminder to pray for the release of the hostages. We wanted our partners to have one of their own! For a gift of $50 or more for the war effort we will send you one of these made and printed in Israel.

Every family is unique! So, Maoz provided gift card vouchers for families evacuated from villages near Gaza to purchase their own basic needs.

Care for Kids! Maoz partners brought kindergarten and after-school supplies to Nazareth, where an entire school was evacuated from a village near the Lebanon border.

Getting gear! Civilian security squad men train in an empty local school as their village is under threat by Hezbollah. Credit: Flash90/ David Cohen