Local Congregations

Maoz Israel supports congregations all over Israel, both Jewish and Arab, native-Hebrew speaking as well as those birthed to help immigrants immediately find a community to be a part of even before they master Israel's language and culture.  

Maoz Israel

Blessing Israeli Believers

Since Ari & Shira founded it in 1995, Congregation Tiferet Yeshua (the Glory of Yeshua) has flourished and grown. Over the years, worship leaders, congregational leaders and others who have established their own ministries have been sent out from this congregation after being nurtured, discipled and equipped. Today, leadership of Tiferet Yeshua has been passed on to Gil Afriat.

Among the communities Maoz Israel is currently focused on is the growing young generation of Hebrew-speaking Ethiopians. They make up a vibrant part of the Body of Messiah in Israel and are potentially the fastest growing sect of Jewish believers in Israel. 


Highlighted Project
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The Fellowship of Artists

The Fellowship of Artists is the artistic branch of Maoz. Talented Israelis receive scholarships, tutoring, and the ability to excel in their musical abilities.


Scholarships and tutoring for young talents to develop their skill.


Fellowship and discipleship to grow in spiritual maturity and character.


Studio recording and ministry opportunities in Israel and abroad.


Connecting international artists with local Israelis and providing a unique recording experience in Jerusalem

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    Raising up modern-day levites

    Music making for kids

    Music making for kids is the young children’s program of The Fellowship of Artists. It provides the opportunity for children to develop their instruments at a young age.  We seek to raise up modern-day levites who excel in their craft. As the children excel they are given opportunities to record in the studio.
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