An Important Announcement

Published: January 1, 2021 | Maoz Israel Reports

Shalom from Jerusalem!

       I don’t know about you, but reading over the beginning years of my mothers life story gives me another layer of appreciation for the path she forged for the believing community in Israel; a path local believers enjoy today as if it has always been there.

       Out of nothing but an understanding from her father, and a perseverance given by God, she tackled one of the most significant Kingdom assignments God had in mind. For her. For Israel. For the Jewish people.

       And yet, two united in the Kingdom is exponentially better than one. The story of how things really took off when my father got involved is so intriguing, I had to save it for another whole article. My parents have worked tirelessly over the last 40+ years, bringing believing Jews over to settle, work, live, and thrive in a small, but growing community of believers.

       Now it is our leg of the race to run. We have come to the end of a three-year transition of leadership and the beginning of a new page in Maoz Israels story. Beginning this month, January 2021—Kobi will take his place at the head of Maoz as President and CEO. Ari and Shira, forever the founders of Maoz, will continue to pour into leaders in Israel and serve as ambassadors for the vision as travel allows.

       As for me, Maoz and I have grown up together. I’ve witnessed the highs and lows up close. I’ve seen my parents come home rejoicing for a victory and watched their determination in prayer when challenges seemed impossible to overcome.

       “The task is personal, but the vision is multi-generational,” they would say.

       And so, we set off on this quest to see through the vision that has been a part of me since day one. To raise the generation after us in the ways of the Lord, to see all Israel saved – and become that light to the nations we have been called to be.

       You are a vital part of this quest. As you support us with your monthly gifts, you help us to meet the needs of the beautiful community of believers, some 20,000 of us, living and working in Israel today.

       Yes, we have accomplished so much from those small beginning steps my mother just described to you. But there is still more to come. And with your help, this next chapter will be filled with glorious testimonies of God’s faithfulness to His people, and His miraculous deeds in our generation.

Let’s write these next chapters together!

Kobi and Shani Ferguson