Hope in Action

Published: February 1, 2024 | Maoz Israel Reports

Shani Ferguson, Ari Sorko-Ram and the Maoz team on site to help Israeli refugee families near Tel Aviv.

Dear Lover of Israel,

Since the beginning of this war we have spent almost half a million dollars on equipment for soldiers, evacuated families, education and Israel’s agriculture.

These efforts only add to the strength of our voice when the message of the Prince of Peace is delivered to our people. Maoz partners have enabled us to support the work of evangelism through many congregations in Israel and have supported Beit Hallel congregation in Ashdod from its early years.

The war is nowhere near over and we’re nowhere near done being the hands and feet of Yeshua to our nation. We need your help!

Around the world people are wearing these necklaces as a reminder to pray for the release of the hostages and victory over terrorism. You can have one of your own military grade necklaces made and printed here in Israel for a gift of $50 or more.

Everyone can do something that matters. You can do something that matters. Give. Pray. Volunteer. Engage others.


Soldiers with Israel's flag.

Both our military forces and our civilian patrols need basic supplies and tactical gear. We get calls almost daily from units all over the country requesting everything from Go Pro cameras to thermal and protective body gear that the army has not been able to supply. As soon as Maoz partners give, we purchase and deliver the gear ourselves to keep our soldiers as well equipped as possible to do their job.


Whole fields and farms of animals have been abandoned near Gaza and on the Lebanon border. It’s a difficult loss but we can still fight to save what remains and prepare to rebuild those areas after the war. If you know of groups that would be interested in coming for an extended time to gather the harvest, please contact us.


    Maoz Israel and the city of Ra’anana have completed building the school for evacuees! Children from kindergarten through high school now have a safe place to gather daily, continue their studies, and begin to heal from the trauma they’ve suffered. Because of Maoz partners, this school—complete with school supplies and bomb shelters (see photos below)—is being used daily from sunrise well into the night!