The Satisfaction of Long-Term Fruit

Moti serving with other volunteers from Feed Tel Aviv.
Published: February 1, 2022 | Maoz Israel Reports

Shalom from Jerusalem!

“I take seriously preparing boys for their Bar Mitzvah – making sure they understand not just their Torah portion but the foundations of what they believe as they enter manhood. I am especially passionate about pouring into new believers just like Ari poured into me,” Moti concluded after sharing his testimony.

It’s easy to rejoice together when we “know the rest of the story.”  Especially when Ari and Shira’s storyintersects Moti’s and we get to see how God has given him a beautiful family and a purposeful life serving others and impacting lives for the Kingdom.

We dont always know what part of the life we live before the Lord will have a long term impact on the lives of others.  And even when we get to see the fruit, it is mostly encouraging on a personal level.

On the other hand, when the long-term impact is the result of a collective effort from our Maoz team, local believers and Maoz supporters like you – a story like Moti’s is a win for all of us together.

Long-lasting fruit is often something we only get to witness after weve been working at something for many years–decades even. Which is why I love being a part of the story of Maoz that has been plowing and sowing in this land for more than four decades.

Maoz continues to be involved with supporting Moti’s work on the streets of with Feed Tel Aviv. When you are a part of the Maoz family – through your engagement, your generosity and your prayer influence, these Kingdom wins are your wins just as much as they are ours!

How about we go grow some more fruit together?

Your fellow harvesters,

Kobi and Shani Ferguson