Music & Israeli Worship

Virtually everything you know about worshiping God, you learned from Jews who lived thousands of years ago—before musical notation and before most of today’s instruments were even invented.
We believe in the restoration of the calling of the Levites whose lives were dedicated to maintaining an atmosphere of worship in Israel.
Maoz Israel

Modern Day Psalmists

If the mere echoes of ancient Israel’s worship have brought the world so much light, think how much more can be received when Israel’s modern-day Psalmists are reinstated to their posts as singers, songwriters, composers and musicians.

Based in Jerusalem–the City of Worship–we’ve dedicated our lives to see this atmosphere of worship restored to the land.

The Fellowship of Artists studio in Jerusalem offers over 3,000 sq. ft. of professional studio space with an in-house team of technicians and musicians to serve artists from the beginning to the end of the creative process.

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The Fellowship of Artists

The Fellowship of Artists is the artistic branch of Maoz. Talented Israelis receive scholarships, tutoring, and the ability to excel in their musical abilities.


Scholarships and tutoring for young talents to develop their skill.


Fellowship and discipleship to grow in spiritual maturity and character.


Studio recording and ministry opportunities in Israel and abroad.


Connecting international artists with local Israelis and providing a unique recording experience in Jerusalem

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Raising up modern-day levites

Music making for kids

Music making for kids is the young children’s program of The Fellowship of Artists. It provides the opportunity for children to develop their instruments at a young age.  We seek to raise up modern-day levites who excel in their craft. As the children excel they are given opportunities to record in the studio.
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