Pioneers of the”Wild Wild Middle East”

Published: June 1, 2021 | Maoz Israel Reports

Shalom from Jerusalem!

This past season has been sort of like the Wild, Wild Middle East!  But do you remember stories of the wild, wild west?  Remember what it took to tame the land and make it fruitful and prosperous?  It took PIONEERS!

The spirit of pioneers!  That has been the impetus and motivating force since the beginning of my parents’ ministry…and that is the driving force that empowers us even today.

Great men like George Otis and Major Haddad who crossed paths with my parents were pioneers in their day. But there are plenty of “firsts” yet to be accomplished in this young land and culture.  We are energized by the possibilities that God continues to pour into our spirits.

Some of our team members are on the front lines of ministry–and as I write this some of our team members are literally serving with the IDF on the front lines of the current conflict.

We cannot tame this wild and wonderful frontier without you—with both your prayer and your support!  Help us impact lives and build a strong community of believers here in Israel.

You can pioneer with us!

The most successful pioneers had a quality team who came along side them—and you are that team to us.

We just finished our bi-annual board meetings with our Maoz USA board, and, as one board member put it, “I’ve never attended a board meeting where every single report presented was so positive!”

It was so positive because the Maoz base of supporters has proven to be uniquely resilient through thick and thin, pandemic and war, harvest and plenty.  

And thus we march forward with confidence – and hope you come with us.

In His service,   

Kobi and Shani Ferguson