Israel’s army, God’s warriors

As a part of the "Chezim" program, the pre-army teenagers are hiking in common sites in Israel.
Published: September 1, 2022 | Maoz Israel Reports

Shalom from Jerusalem!

      Every parent who raises their kids in Israel knows the next step after their high school graduation is being drafted to serve two to three years in the Israel Defense Force.

       This means two to three years of an intensive environment designed to break you down and turn your teenage self into a soldier.

       At face value, Israelis are proud when their children take their place to serve in a military that is among the most moral in the world in how they treat both friend and foe. However, army service is not an emotionally or spiritually easy experience – especially for Israeli believers.

       Joel Goldberg experienced this firsthand when years ago he went through the army. Many people outside the country wrongly assume that because the IDF is the “army of the people of God” – that it is by default a godly army. Joel knew firsthand the challenges of holding onto a relationship with God in an intense environment where you are the only believer.

       The story of Israelis growing up as strong believers only to crash and burn spiritually during their army time is one that has sadly repeated itself many times. Thankfully, there are those who refused to sit idly by and continue to watch it happen.

       “Every young person and soldier needs to have someone who cares about them. They need to have someone who shows interest in them, is in touch with them on a regular basis and can talk through the tough questions.”

Studying maps of Israel as part of pre-army training

       Chetzim (Arrows) is the 11 week pre-army program Joel set up to give young Israeli believers a spiritual intensive to maintain their walk with the Lord and be a light to those around them in the army. Throughout the year, additional times of fellowship are organized to give soldiers the opportunity to strengthen each other. 

       While Israelis (and Israel supporters around the world) may admire the IDF for its successful efforts in staying our nation from enemy attacks, we know that the army is made up of people. More specifically, in this army are hundreds of Israeli believers in Yeshua. And we want to take care of them just as they give their all to take care of our nation.

       The teenagers pictured here are at this very moment in a Chetzim program preparing for their entry into the army in a few months. Chetzim has already raised $60,000 of the $75,000 needed to fund the program. With your help we can help get them the final $15,000 by the end of this month!

       Chetzim is a place where they can grow and develop their own testimony. And a place that will nurture the very desires that God has put in their hearts as believers.  It truly equips them to STAND STRONG (that’s what Maoz does – makes believers STRONG!) in the midst of opposition and challenges to their faith.

       The fruit speaks for itself.  Not only have our next generation of leaders survived the military, they have THRIVED. Many have served on dangerous missions, been highly trained in a myriad of specialties that will prepare them for their life’s work, and have been rewarded with medals and honors for their accomplishments while serving in the IDF.

Join us in assuring their accomplishments and rewards are also eternal!

Fighting for the Heart and Soul of Israel,

Kobi and Shani Ferguson