Fulfilling a Divine Vision: Growth in a Jerusalem Congregation

Published: September 1, 2023 | Maoz Israel Reports

Happy High Holidays from Jerusalem!

We have had the privilege of teaming up with one of the most exciting works of God that we have known in Israel.  Two years ago, David Safafa began a congregation for Hebrew-speaking Ethiopians and is now seeing Israelis from all backgrounds coming to know Yeshua the Messiah.

      This plan of God began to unfold when nine-year-old David, immigrated with his family to Israel. His mother, the daughter of a famous Ethiopian rabbi came to the Lord supernaturally and a few years later, David realized Yeshua was real!  

      David always seemed to be a success in whatever he set his heart to do. He graduated university and became a lawyer and a businessman. And then came the moment when he realized he was pursuing earthly success—and God’s call for him would look very different than this.

      David, now in his early 40’s, is a pastor in Jerusalem with an incredible gift of outreach to the lost; he has a congregation of some 60 Ethiopian Israeli young people—almost all of whom are brand new believers.  David is training them up for leadership.  You can see their caliber of quality and integrity as soon as you meet them.  And the main reason that the congregation can’t grow faster is because there is no more room in this tiny packed “hall.”

      Because this congregation is in Jerusalem, the costs are more than one can imagine.  Rent is 17,000 shekels ($4,550) a month!  Do the members give God their tithes?  The answer is YES!  But for most, their wages are tiny.  To launch and sustain a congregation in Jerusalem means daily miracles are needed.  And yes!  Miracles are happening. 

      Partners of Maoz with vision and a heart for Jerusalem, are giving to keep this congregation alive and growing.  And now we are looking forward in faith to expanding the size of the hall—because we must!  It just so “happens” that there is empty space on the other side of the hall where the walls can be moved to seat more than 100 people.

      And because David’s vision is a Hebrew-language congregation, more new Israeli believers are coming to the Lord that are from different ethnic backgrounds!

      We offer you the opportunity together with David and us, to sow and reap a harvest in the City of the King, Jerusalem.

All Israel shall be saved!

Kobi and Shani Ferguson

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