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Making believers strong in Israel.

Maoz reaches Israel with the Good News by strengthening believers to be a powerful witness in the Land.

A strong life creates a powerful witness.

Maoz is on a mission to reach every Israeli with the truth of the Gospel by empowering believers in the Land to thrive.

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It’s challenging for believers to live in the Holy Land.

From housing and employment, to religious ignorance and cultural hostility, many believers in Israel are struggling to thrive—making it a challenge to live in the Land and share the Good News of Yeshua.

99% of Israelis don’t know Yeshua as Messiah.

Less than 30k believers live in the Land of Israel.

We want to change this as much as you do.

We see a bright future in Israel.

When you partner with Maoz Israel, you help create a thriving community and a powerful witness to Yeshua.

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Maoz Israel Leadership Kobi & Shani Ferguson, Shira & Ari Sorko-Ram

Connecting you with God’s heart for Israel

Since 1976, Maoz Israel has helped educate the world with prophetic insight on current events in Israel.

We understand the challenges Israeli believers face every day. With over 40 years in Israel, Maoz Israel has helped bring understanding to the world on how Yeshua is at work in His Land.

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Current Projects in Israel

You can make a difference this year by supporting a project in Israel

Project Completed
Help the Maale Adumim Congregation Establish a Ministry Center
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September 2021
Start Date
December 31, 2021
End Date
The Action Bible in Hebrew
View Project
1,000 Bibles
Estimated Reach
Summer 2019
Start Date
Dec 2022
End Date
I Stand With Israel Fund
View Project
2,000 Messianic Believers a Year
Estimated Reach
2021 Goal
End Date
Support Israeli Worship
View Project
2021 Goal
End Date