Operation “Shield and Arrow” Begins

Published: May 12, 2023 | Maoz Israel Reports

During the traditional Lag Ba’omer celebration, Israelis gathered around bonfires while the IDF carried out Operation Shield and Arrow. The target: the three top terrorists of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza who were hiding in their apartments.

The following day, all public events and educational outlets were closed as a precautionary measure and Israelis were advised to remain close to bomb shelters, as Gaza was expected to retaliate. These restrictions are still in order for all areas within 40 kilometers of the Gaza Strip.

The next day, Gaza began firing hundreds of rockets into Israel, including the Jerusalem hills and Gush Dan area which encompasses Tel Aviv. A few Israelis were injured and one man, caught outside during the sirens was killed by the rocket fire. Despite Israel’s initiation of a ceasefire, it was broken by Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. As Hamas has made it clear they will engage in the fight, Israel is now preparing for a larger scale attack in Gaza.

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