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Making believers strong in Israel.

Maoz reaches Israel with the Good News by strengthening believers to be a powerful witness in the Land.

A strong life creates a powerful witness.

Maoz is on a mission to reach every Israeli with the truth of the Gospel by empowering believers in the Land to thrive.

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Operation Breaking DawnOperation Breaking DawnI woke up Sunday morning after another jetlagged-with-a-sick-kid kind of night to what sounded like heavy furniture being dropped on the floor downstairs. I was musing over who could’ve been picking up furniture at this early hour when I rolled over to look at my phone and saw the breaking news that Jerusalem had been fired upon. The realization that what I had heard were rockets being intercepted by the Iron Dome without me hearing a siren first had me out of bed instantly. Did the sirens malfunction? Were more rockets coming? Read More Israel’s army, God’s warriorsIsrael’s army, God’s warriorsWhile Israelis (and Israel supporters around the world) may admire the IDF for its successful efforts in staying our nation from enemy attacks, we know that the army is made up of people. More specifically, in this army are hundreds of Israeli believers in Yeshua. And we want to take care of them just as they give their all to take care of our nation. Read More The Power of a StoryThe Power of a StoryYeshua understood the power of stories quite well as He shared countless parables to explain the deep truths of the Kingdom of God. He used simple everyday examples—bread, yeast, agriculture, shepherding etc. to explain complex ideas. Stories have a way of sticking with you. They also have a way of helping you learn important things intuitively. If you read the Maoz Israel Report regularly, you’ll find you absorb a lot of knowledge and understanding about Israel by just reading the interesting stories of people’s lives here. Read More

It’s challenging for believers to live in the Holy Land.

From housing and employment, to religious ignorance and cultural hostility, many believers in Israel are struggling to thrive—making it a challenge to live in the Land and share the Good News of Yeshua.

99% of Israelis don’t know Yeshua as Messiah.

Less than 30k believers live in the Land of Israel.

We want to change this as much as you do.

We see a bright future in Israel.

When you partner with Maoz Israel, you help create a thriving community and a powerful witness to Yeshua.

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Connecting you with God’s heart for Israel

Since 1976, Maoz Israel has helped educate the world with prophetic insight on current events in Israel.

We understand the challenges Israeli believers face every day. With over 40 years in Israel, Maoz Israel has helped bring understanding to the world on how Yeshua is at work in His Land.

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