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Maoz Israel Report 01.2020
Published: January 1, 2020 | Maoz Israel Reports

A phenomenon has happened since the creation of man: 
Spoken and written languages always change over time.

The story of the reappearance of the Bible told in this issue describes how the Roman Catholic Church had no interest in updating readable translations of the Word of God for its parishioners, even though its people no longer understood Latin or Greek.

Several centuries before Yeshua was born, ancient Jewish leaders understood that a new translation of the Old Testament was sorely needed because Jews had lost their original tongue of Hebrew and were now speaking Greek.  

That is why Jewish scholars created the Septuagint Greek Bible in 130 B.C.  It is the Bible Yeshua often used in His messages.  And it was the Bible His apostles often quoted as they wrote the New Testament, also in Greek.

Today the Jewish people do not speak Greek.  They do speak Hebrew – but a modern version of it – not the ancient Hebrew that Moses and the prophets spoke.

Make no mistake – modern Hebrew is not really that different than ancient Hebrew, even though thousands of years have passed.  It is more like a modern English speaker reading Shakespeare who wrote 400 years ago or Chaucer who wrote 600 years ago.  

Yes, an English-language reader can sort of understand, sometimes more, sometimes less.  But not many English readers would want to spend time trying to decipher the meaning of this antique literature.

But what if today’s reader had a book of their writings which included a clear introduction to every section of their plays or stories?  In addition, what if this book then placed explanatory subtitles for every few paragraphs.  To top it off, what if such a book would include at the bottom of each page a dictionary of words not in use today?

This is what we have done with the Narrated Bible in Chronological Order!

  • Fact:  The Tanach was written 2500 – 3500 years ago in, of course, ancient Hebrew.
  • Fact: The Old Testament (in Hebrew, “Tanach”) is not easily understood by most Israelis. 
  • Fact: Most Israelis don’t read the Hebrew Bible—Old or New Testament.
  • Fact: It is virtually a closed book to both the educated and uneducated.
  • Fact: Only Hebrew scholars will confidently tell you they understand most of the Holy Writ.
  • Fact: Today, there are no other “versions” of the Old Testament Hebrew text (except children’s Bibles) that are acceptable to the Jewish people.
  • Fact: The New Testament is unknown to most Israelis.

Our new Hebrew Bible has an answer to all of these challenges!

Correlating the timeline of the New Testament will be an added aid for Israelis to understanding both the Old and New Testaments in their original context.

When the translation of The Narrated Bible in Chronological Order is finished this year, we will be ready to send it to the printers for immediate publishing.  

The Israeli people will have a new life-giving, readable Bible in Hebrew.  In it, they will have the opportunity to become aware of the depths of God’s love for them, as revealed in His own Word.

We believe this Bible will be the most effective tool yet that we at Maoz Israel have been privileged to bring to our Hebrew-speaking people—whether they are living here in Israel, or scattered around the globe!

The complete cost of *$500,000 for the translation has been covered by our generous Maoz Israel partners!!!  Thank you!     

One final step—to print 5,000 Bibles.  

Total cost will be **$39,000 

The Narrated Bible in Chronological Order is a joint project with the Israel Bible Society.

*£380,000, €450,000, CAD660,000 
**£30,000, €35,000, CAD50,000