Fresh IDF Soldiers and Other War Efforts

Published: December 1, 2023 | Maoz Israel Reports

Shalom from a land at war,

By the time you read this, Kobi and I will have handed our first-born daughter to serve in our nation’s military. She is no longer legally ours. For the next few years, she will belong to our ancient and modern state of Israel. From her birth, we raised our daughter with this day in mind. It’s a calling each of our children will take on. It’s a call every family in Israel must embrace.

There are those among us who will choose the army as a way of life. However, Israel’s Defense Forces is an army made up mostly of civilian reservists; everyday citizens who will live regular lives and get civilian jobs, but who will drop everything at any time to fight for our right to exist.

Overnight, hundreds of thousands of Israelis were evacuated from their homes on the southern and northern border. Then, an additional 400,000 everyday civilian reservists had to drop their jobs, companies, government jobs, families, wedding plans…to fight in fields they’ve been trained in since they finished high school.

The sudden gaps in the workforce and the national and personal trauma caused by the October 7th terrorist attack have put our country in complete turmoil. The need is greater than any one person or organization can handle. Not even our government can begin to provide the needs of the people of Israel in this war. That is why Maoz is partnering with other ministries, pastors and even city municipalities to address the basic needs in three main areas.

Shani Ferguson harvest tomatoes near Gaza border

Issue: Over 90% of Israel’s food supply is grown locally, most of it on Israel’s northern and southern borders. With the world turning against Israel, losing local farms could eventually mean a dearth of food. Foreign workers who survived October 7th fled the country when the war began creating a sudden crisis.

Maoz Action: Organizing local groups including adults and school kids to help harvest. Recruiting farmers from abroad as well as volunteering in the fields near Gaza ourselves.

Dropping off supplies for evacuees in a hotel in Nazareth

Issue: Displaced families evacuated to hotels and hostels will be staying there for at least the next year. Over a month into the war, schools have not been able to provide school supplies to the scattered population.

Maoz Action: Helping build an entire school in the city of Ra’anana for evacuees. Provide school and after-school supplies for teachers and families evacuated to Nazareth.

Issue: Reserve soldiers called up from civilian life do not have basic supplies.

Maoz Action: Purchasing and personally delivering shoes, jackets, protective gear and hot meals to soldiers on the field. Caring for needs of families left by those sent to fight.

Israel is bleeding. Israel is a nation in want.

As followers of Yeshua, now is the time we can truly show our love for the Jewish people—because this is a moment they will remember.

For His promises are YES and AMEN!

Kobi and Shani Ferguson

P.S. Just before her army draft, Illit sang with worship leaders (and best buds) Siyona and Zak the song, “Raise Us Up.” Written by Siyona Adranly and produced by Voice of One Calling it’s a powerful statement of the spirit of this generation.