Shalom and Happy Hanukkah!

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Of all the things we do throughout the year, having the capacity to say “Yes!” to a person in need brings us the most joy! 

Knowing the daily life of entire families are changed because of decisions we make is both humbling and exhilarating. It’s quite literally like picking up the train tracks in someone’s life and laying them down on a completely different path. Their daily life now – and accomplishments 10 years from now – will be different because someone like you decided to change it. 

There are many places you can give during this season of giving. And yet, as most of the celebrations around the world this month are commemorating something that happened in Israel thousands of years ago that changed your life and ours, it seems fitting that this season should include giving back to change the lives of those in Israel today. 

You can beat the New Year’s midnight clock with a one-time gift or commit to give a set amount each month for the next year. The minute you do, the lives changed in Israel will be of your doing – the fruit of your life. 

And for that we – and they – thank you.

Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram,
Kobi and Shani Ferguson

Published: December 1, 2019