Defending the Freedom to Worship

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Shalom from Jerusalem!

     Ever since the Messianic believers began to increase in the 1970’s, freedom to express our faith publicly has always been a bit dicey as the hatred of powerful ultra-Orthodox communities have fought to close us down. They have stood in front of our congregations, burned down properties, threatened with force, and fought with legal suits to exile Jewish believers and shut down congregations around the country.

     Until now, we have had one earthly advocate: The Supreme Court of Israel. Maoz, our organization, has fought (and ultimately won) at least six cases. The judiciary of Israel sees itself especially as an advocate for minorities. Because of their stand on the rule of law, the Body of Messiah has prospered in God’s Land.

     In context of history, Israel spent most of its several thousand years of existence under a monarchy or conquering emperor. Rarely, did they live under the rule of a godly leader who led them in the ways of the Lord. While the establishing of modern Israel as a democracy is not the same as having a godly leader – it does allow Israel’s citizens the freedom to walk in the ways of the Lord should they choose.

     Now, unexpectedly for the entire nation, democracy as we have known it, is on the edge of an abyss. This Pharisaic coalition wants to redesign the democratic institutions of Israel and take away freedoms most developed nations take for granted.

     For decades we have been planting congregations, creating worship music, printing Bibles and books and helping the needy across the land. It’s working! But there is so much more to do!

     We do not know what the future holds for Israel’s freedoms. No one knows but God. Still, we are not anxious. We are not fearful. Israel has faced serious threats before. The gauntlet has not yet dropped. 

     What we do know is that right now we have the freedom and we need to take advantage of the daylight. We may have years to continue and spread God’s word – we may have months. We don’t have a moment to wait.

     Will you join us in this historic time to support the spread of God’s Word in Israel in whatever way you are able?

For Israel’s Sake,

Kobi and Shani Ferguson

Published: April 1, 2023