The Next Miracle Story in the Making

Published: December 1, 2021 | Maoz Israel Reports

Shalom from Jerusalem!

Of all the topics we cover throughout the year,  stories are the most fun to share! The journeys of pain and suffering on the road to overcoming bring tears to our eyes, joy to our hearts and thanksgiving to our God.

       This year alone ISWI was able to help hundreds of individuals and families from dozens of Jewish and Arab congregations across the country. In the process we passed the $8,000,000 mark of investing in believers all over Israel since the founding of  20 years ago. From emergency medical needs, to education to housing to transportation and rehabilitation, I Stand with Israel has transformed the lives of people from a troubled path to a new path. A better path! 

       Still, you should know, honor is an important aspect of our Middle Eastern culture. It is simpler to tell the moving stories of people you get to help in third world countries because there is little chance they or their acquaintances will ever see a computer – let alone what may have been shared about them online. 

       Israel on the other hand, is very connected online. And these stories will be read by friends, family members, and those who are “not so friendly” to believers. We would be doing a disservice to those who we are looking to strengthen if we help them overcome a financial hurdle only to weaken their place among their loved ones and their circle of influence. 

       As such, some of those miracle stories will never be publicly shared. But we believe you understand the truly magnificent impact your gifts to I Stand with Israel bring to this country!

 stories are written by you! Without your gifts, these stories would still be just prayers for miracles. With your gifts, they become miracle testimonies of breakthrough and deliverance.

 Help us write the next MIRACLE STORY with your gift to  this month. Lives will be changed forever!

Your Partners in God’s Story,

Kobi and Shani Ferguson