Be the Light for Israel

Published: June 1, 2024 | Maoz Israel Reports

Shalom from Jerusalem!

You may have heard the term ‘Righteous Gentiles.

 It’s a name bestowed upon those who during WWII stood up for the righteous act of protecting Jews from slaughter. Righteous Gentiles put their own lives and livelihood at risk—and sometimes lost everything while saving Jewish lives. There are children and grandchildren who exist today because someone who didn’t have to—chose to protect the apple of God’s eye when destiny called.

    Today, you know that Israelis are fighting for their very existence within her borders. But even now the plight of Jews to exist anywhere is being fought worldwide. Thankfully, once again Gentiles and—especially Evangelicals—are choosing to stand up for Israel in a hostile world environment.

    Our people are broken and hurting. The hostages in the tunnels are slowly dying. Every day we hear of massive protests around the world, together with world leaders, crying, “From the River to the Sea…”, meaning Israel should be destroyed and replaced by an Islamic Palestinian state. 

    Many of you have contacted us to tell of the opportunities you’ve had to stand for Israel in your circles of influence! We are so proud of you!  

    Others among you have asked us to share ways to stand.  

    Destiny is once again knocking. There is a task for everyone in every age and life status.  

YOUR VOICE. You have a sphere of influence. You may be surprised how many in your sphere really don’t know what is happening in Israel. Make it your mission to study the truth about Israel from Scriptures and stay updated with what is happening currently and how to pray into it.  

YOUR MEANS. Your giving allows Maoz to be a light to Israelis physically, mentally and spiritually. From distributing Bibles to war-relief supplies to worship music to our network of over 100 congregations, our mission is not just to see Israelis survive—but thrive—and fulfill their destiny of being a light to the nations.  

YOUR HANDS. Work the very ground promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We have volunteer opportunities in a kibbutz (village) near Gaza that survived October 7th. You’ll live on the property and be tasked with caring for the various needs of the kibbutz with the locals.

For His Glory, 

Kobi and Shani Ferguson