Shared Faith, Shared Future: Arab and Jewish Unity

Published: July 1, 2024 | Maoz Israel Reports

Shalom from Jerusalem!

“Why are you guys here together and how do you all get along so well?” is the most common question we get when hotel staff see Arab and Jewish believers together in a conference.

The world-famous conflict between Jews and Arabs is not exactly what meets the eye. On one hand, the political and military conflict is evident to all, but underlying—and fueling it all is the spiritual clash between the God of Israel and the God of Islam.

Though it is true most Arabs are Muslims, there are Christian Arabs. There is an even smaller group of born-again Arabs who love the God of Israel and recognize the promises of the Jewish people. Born- again Arabs are probably the smallest religious minority in the Arabic world and are sadly shunned and even persecuted by nominal (or traditional) Christian Arabs who tend to side with Islamic ideology.

That makes us as Jewish believers their most natural allies. We, Jewish and Arab born-again believers are both minorities among our people, but united our testimony is substantial. And what better time to shine this light than in the middle of this miserable war?

That is why Maoz is so excited about this summer’s Dor Haba (Next Generation) week-long Arab and Jewish conference. Youth from all over the country gather to learn about worship and the various arts in Hebrew, English and Arabic, through teaching and example!

This summer 100 Jewish and 100 Arab youth (and an additional 100 adult staff and volunteers!) will spend a week together learning media skills, musical instruments, song-writing, recording videos, times of intercession and ultimately being a shining light for Yeshua to all those around them.

The conference is heavily subsidized by partners like you so that no family will be hindered from sending their children because of cost issues. The cost per child is $400 to cover food, lodging—and security, of course.

Think for a moment how much you would be willing to give to see believing young Jews and Arabs lead the next generation of influencers in Israel? This is the ground to sow into!

We covet your prayers for the safety and health of all youth involved in this event and look forward to updating you in the coming months!

Thank you for partnering with us and Israel,

Kobi & Shani Ferguson