In a Middle East often defined by division, the sight of Arab and Jewish believers sparks curiosity and hope.

Jewish believers stand as the most natural allies to born-again Arabs. Both groups, minorities within their communities, find strength and unity in their shared faith.

This summer, Maoz is thrilled to sponsor the Dor Haba (Next Generation) week-long conference, bringing together 100 Jewish and 100 Arab youth, along with 100 adult staff and volunteers.

These young people will gather to learn worship and various arts in Hebrew, English, and Arabic. They will develop media skills, musical talents, songwriting abilities, and video production expertise, all while interceding in prayer and shining a light for Yeshua.

The conference is heavily subsidized to ensure no family is hindered by cost. Each child’s participation costs $400, covering food, lodging, and necessary security measures. Your generous donation can help foster a new generation of Jewish and Arab influencers in Israel, united in faith and purpose.

Join us in sowing seeds of peace and unity for a brighter future.

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