Prayer Concerning Laws and Protests (with video)

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Yesterday Israel made international news - and not for the usual Israeli-Arab conflict. Hundreds of thousands hit the streets in protest - but will this grow into a civil war?

Have you ever had that moment when you looked at your parent—or grandparent—and saw them show their first signs of weakness, and flashed back to your childhood when you remember them strong and full of energy? That’s what it feels like watching our Prime Minister, once a force to be reckoned with on any platform, and now….. taking a passenger seat to the final decision making on important matters.

For the past six months we have been discussing the repercussions of a bill that was being pushed through the Knesset that would neuter the power of Israel’s courts and allow the legislature to pass any law they pleased without challenge. It is only the first bill of a series of problematic bills.

It's the perfect storm. A prime minister in need of the support of elected officials to build a coalition and remain in power during his court cases, and a coalition made up of religiously ambitious politicians who know they have the prime minister in a vulnerable position. Netanyahu is said to have come to a meeting with compromises for the other side – but when threatened with the collapse of his coalition acquiesced to the one sided version of the bill.

The law that was passed yesterday is not the end of our freedoms, but it both set stakes in the ground …. and established that Netanyahu is at the mercy of those who are really in charge—his coalition party leaders.

An Israeli friend of mine asked me yesterday, “Is there a way back from here?” I told them, “Israel always finds its way home. It’s how God made us."

Watch the video posted here for more background on what happened yesterday and see some of our prayer points for this week.

  • Father, You are the source and standard of all that is just and true.
  • Show us Your ways that we may walk in the path of truth.
  • Let our nation be ruled by men and women of integrity.
  • Remove those from power who would rule unjustly and dishonestly.
  • Cause plans rooted in deception to backfire, and let truth be established.
  • You know the road You have laid out for Your people to follow. Show Israel’s leaders that path to lead them.
  • We enjoy our freedoms in democracy. However, we do not worship a form of government, we worship You. Although we ask to live in peace under a free government, it allows us to freely worship You.
  • We know You have often created storms to set things straight the way You want  them. We pray that any part of our world You are shaking will align and adjust to Your perfect will. Let Your will be  done to the fullest.
  • Let the nation of Israel whom You have chosen to represent You to the world be led by those who are worthy of You.
  • We are a nation under constant threat, and our enemy nations are watching the weakness of our leaders and chaos on the streets. So, we trust in You! We know You who keeps Israel neither slumbers, nor sleeps!
  • Thwart the plans of enemy forces who would take advantage of Israel’s current vulnerability.
  • Use the insecurity and unsureness Israelis are feeling right now to turn their eyes and hearts to You. You are the only confidence we have for our future.

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