Julia made Aliyah with her husband, David, five years ago. The first years, as is customary, were dedicated to learning Hebrew and finding work. However, soon Julia pushed to move past her minimum wage job and pursued a degree in photography communications. Julia’s school program was rigorous, and she was not able to work full-time while studying at the Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem – but David’s job would cover their basic living expenses.

“Thanks to ISWI we were able to ‘breathe’ again! I think that ISWI and the people around the world who donate monies in order to help Messianic believers in Israel are doing an amazing thing. They give a sense of support to their sisters and brothers in faith, for those who have nowhere else to turn.”

Julia and David had always been hard-working and self-sustaining in Russia, but the cost of living in Israel was much higher than in Russia. And here they were, in a new country, needing to lay the groundwork for a future livelihood with no family to help them get on their feet.

Julia was so close to completing her four years of studies. The future was bright and they would soon be able to build their lives and not just survive. Then she learned that in order to complete her degree, the graduate project required her to buy expensive photography equipment. She would, of course, need this equipment for her trade, but the upfront purchase of so much equipment was like a ball and chain in her heart.

The good news is, when David and Julia gave up living close to family for God’s call to return to the Promised Land, they discovered just how many spiritual brothers and sisters they had all over the world. Julia was able to purchase all the necessary equipment, complete her studies and is already working in her field!