Current Projects

Reach Muslims in the Middle East

Though Arabs and Bedouin in the Middle East are rich with history and culture, their religious leanings have made them synonymous with Islam. However, there is a remnant among them – a minority of a minority – who are stepping out, risking their lives to offer the message of hope in Yeshua.

Goal: $50,000



The impact of bringing masses of Middle East Muslims to faith in Yeshua cannot be overstated, and that is why Maoz has invested efforts over the past several decades in supporting everything from outreaches, to Arabic worship music recordings and even an audio recording of the Bible for those who cannot read. Your gift will go directly to those working on the ground and producing fruit for the Kingdom here in Israel and surrounding nations.

Other Giving Options

To give by phone or bank wire call 214-677-0560. Write checks to: Maoz Israel  P.O. Box 535788, Grand Prairie, TX 75053.

You can also give by using PayPal: