Current Projects

Family Therapy

Sponsor Mental Health Support for Those Affected by the War.

 If you or a loved one has ever gone through any sort of mental health treatment, you understand the length of time needed, enormous costs involved and the value of that investment in your life. Right now we have everything from soldiers returning from the battlefields, to displaced families, to trauma victims from October 7th on a waiting list wanting to be treated and unable because of the cost involved.

It won’t be cheap, but Maoz is committing to sponsor these victims and heroes who have fought to defend us and now need us to defend them. If you’d like to join us in this endeavor, $300 a month will sponsor an individual or family receiving treatment. For each individual treated, Maoz will commit to one year of treatment and reassess at the end of the year if there is need to continue.  We will cover the cost of as many people as you, our Maoz partners, will help us care for.

Thank You for partnering with us and Israel.

Other Giving Options

To give by phone or bank wire call 214-677-0560. Write checks to: Maoz Israel  P.O. Box 535788, Grand Prairie, TX 75053.

You can also give by using PayPal: