What We Do

Strengthening Believers

A strong life creates a powerful witness.

Maoz Israel is on a mission to reach every Israeli with the truth of the Gospel by empowering believers in the Land to thrive.


How we help

There is no way to tell the exact number, but we estimate approximately 15,000 Messianic Jewish believers live in Israel today.

Maoz aids Israeli Messianic Jews and Arab Christians—assisting those facing adverse circumstances, and helping the needy with medical and emergency aid.

Maoz grants scholarships for educational advancement in Hebrew language studies (for new immigrants), job skills and career courses, and university studies for Israeli Messianic Jews. ISWI also has a successful program offering scholarships in musical training to believing children and adults.


“I would like to thank you very much for your very kind support for my studies beginning this year. I am studying to be a midwife assistant (“doula” in Hebrew)… This study will certify me to monitor pregnant women and assist mothers in giving birth. Thank you again for being used by the Lord to help me in my calling.”


Your support of our Messianic families in Israel will help create a strong and thriving witness to Yeshua.

Together we can see all Israel saved.

When you support Maoz Israel you’re strengthening the body of believers throughout Israel. You can make a lasting difference in the future of Israel. Give today.