What We Do

Strengthening Believers

A strong life creates a powerful witness.
Strong families are the foundation of a powerful community.

Maoz Israel is on a mission to reach every Israeli with the truth of the Gospel by empowering believers in the Land to thrive.


How we help

Mentoring and Family Discipleship • Family Camps • Family Projects • Scholarships • Financial Assistance

An estimated 15,000 – 30,000 Messianic Jewish believers live in Israel today. These individuals are part of families – hundreds and hundreds of families that make up the community of believers in Israel. We believe a strong community is made of strong families. It is imperative that Israeli believing families be strong with the Lord and connected with each other.

We offer mentoring and family discipleship for the spiritual and emotional needs of Israeli families – both Jewish and Arab. We also offer financial assistance to families with medical emergencies, provide scholarships for education, and help with other various challenges.

Your support of our Messianic families in Israel will help create a strong and thriving witness to Yeshua.

Together we can see all Israel saved.

When you support Maoz Israel you’re strengthening the body of believers throughout Israel. You can make a lasting difference in the future of Israel. Give today.