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By Shira Sorko-Ram

There is a new wind of change blowing in Israel for the Messianic Jewish community. As the second generation of Messianic Jews has come of age, you will find Jewish believers in many different professions and positions of influence in Israel.

In some cases, these believers are working in situations where at first their bosses and coworkers are unaware of their faith. Almost always, the news gets out, and most of the time their colleagues and friends are favorable and curious.

Other believers are waiting for God to open opportunities in their workplaces. Some are employed where a number of people do know they are Messianics, and still others work where everybody knows of their faith.

Climbing the ladder often began in the army, where officers noted that Messianic Jews were faithful, honest and hard-working soldiers. The military gave them opportunity to rise in the ranks. After finishing the army, these believers spread throughout the fabric of the nation—studying in universities or taking career courses, and then moving into solid jobs.

Lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs, scientists, producers and script writers in public Israeli TV, singers on talent shows, and journalists are a few. And of course, some move into full-time ministry here in Israel.

Officials in government are seeking us out, along with other believers. Only the ultra-Orthodox are working overtime to harass and oppose Messianic Jews. The Minister of Interior, Arieh Deri, works especially hard to keep Messianic Jews around the world from immigrating to Israel.

Yet the Messianic Jewish community is gaining momentum and increasing in numbers and with boldness from Dan to Beersheva, and beyond. Messianic websites, music videos, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all attracting viewers, followers, and likes by the thousands and even hundreds of thousands.

God is keeping His Word. It’s happening!

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