The kids from "Sunshine Children's Center" taking cover on the side road, as sirens are being heard.
Maoz Israel Report April 2022

We are Here for Them

There are many ways to give to bless others when a crisis of this magnitude occurs. But the beautiful thing about our relationship with you, is that we can provide you with an intentional, immediate, and personal way to help during this horrific war.

Shani Ferguson
By Shani Ferguson

Dear Lover of Israel,

       I’m sure, along with us, that your heart is broken with the images we see nightly on our television screens.  And, believe me, the stories from the families of our team members have brought the reality of war up close and personal to us.

       There are many ways to give to bless others when a crisis of this magnitude occurs.  But the beautiful thing about our relationship with you, is that we can provide you with an intentional, immediate, and personal way to help those suffering through the tragedies of this horrific war.

       Youve read a few of their stories.  Youve heard their desperation.  And you also are a witness to their FAITH in God almighty!

       As we pray for a swift end to this conflict we know that the repercussions of this will not be solved in a day or two.

       That’s why we ask you, this month, alongside your regular gift to Maoz, that you include a gift for the Ukrainian families still trying to escape and come settle here in our Land.

       This is one of the things we do best—help in times of crisis.  And YOU make this possible.

       We are here for them!  And YOU are right here by our side!

Your Boots on the Ground,

Kobi and Shani Ferguson

Vladimir Putin on left, has been photographed several times throughout the pandemic taking social distancing measures seriously.

Praying with Clarity

Below are some excerpts from a Maoz Israel Weekly Prayer Letters that many of our readers told us helped them pray with clarity in this situation. Subscribe to the Weekly Prayer Letter.

Dearest Prayer Warrior,

No one knows how long the fighting will last, but the recovery effort will be a topic of discussion for months and years ahead. In the meantime, there are two fronts to this war—those in the midst of the fighting for whom we must pray to experience God’s protection and rest in the midst of the storm, and those of us on the outside for whom we must pray will take action and not be apathetic. 

It’s being called the greatest humanitarian crisis in Europe since WWII. Among the harrowing tales, Israeli news has highlighted the stories of Jews who were babies when their families carried them as they fled the Nazis. Now in their 80’s—for a second time in their lives—they are being forced to flee their homes. The unspoken difference is that today there is a land for Jews to flee to.

We like to say if you need help in an emergency, Israel is happy to lend a hand.  If you’re looking for that help to come with customer service—go ask someone else. As such Israel is catching flack for how it is handling the many refugees that are landing in Tel Aviv. Long lines, lots of red tape and young apathetic clerks greet the tired travelers who have spent days trying to find a safe destination. Ukrainian President Zelensky encouraged Israel to open its doors wide to receive his people, “Don’t worry,” he said, “Israel is one of the most expensive countries in the world. As soon as the war is over, the refugees will leave.”

The issue is that among the Jewish refugees arriving from Ukraine are many non-Jews. And this is creating quite the conundrum for Israel—one that Israel has been wrestling with for over a decade with the tens of thousands of Sudanese refugees who came and now refuse to leave. Israel understands what it feels like to be without a home and so the Jewish heart wants to help misplaced people. But, in our founding documents the stated purpose of modern Israel’s existence is to provide the Jew with a homeland. Therefore, every decision must consider that in our small land, if we absorb too many non-Jewish people, Jews will once again be left without their own homeland.

  • Father, You are the Ruler of the Ages. There is no weapon or army that threatens the dominance of Your Kingdom. 
  • The wicked draw the sword and bend the bow to bring down the poor and needy, to slay those whose ways are upright. But their swords will pierce their own hearts, and their bows will be broken. (Psalm 37:14-15)
  • And so we ask that Ukrainians would abandon wickedness and turn to Your upright ways as You break the back of their enemy. Use this time of humbling to reach both Russians and Ukrainian hearts that have been hard toward You. Let knees bow, and tongues confess, that You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
  • Many mistakes can be made when leaders are tired—or isolated. We ask You to grant supernatural rest to world leaders making important decisions on very little sleep.
  • We’ve seen the photos of Putin “social-distanced” from all his staff. But You can reach him in his inner chambers and his innermost thoughts. Speak Your words to him so he will hear them.
  • We ask that Church leaders outside of Ukraine will lead the way in rescue efforts, standing up for righteousness during this time.  
  • Forbid that other rogue nations become inspired by the lack of international intervention.
  • Despite the clear moral stance Israel has in regard to Russia’s attacking civilian targets, she has many reasons to be hesitant to take an aggressive and public stance on the matter, one of which is the Russian military virtually sitting on our border with a significant presence in Syria. Give Israel wisdom in how to respond privately and publicly.
  • We understand that Israel is uniquely in the middle of this conflict. Help Israeli leadership use Your wisdom in walking the fine line of being a mediator between Russia and Ukraine and bring resolution to this situation.  
  • We thank You for the aid sent from Israel and many other nations, the rescue missions, and the doctors lining up to fly out at a moment’s notice. Protect and guide their work.
  • Grant supernatural protection and Your peace of mind to the women who have fled with their children and are worried for the safety of their husbands, brothers, and fathers. Show them You are the only safe place to hide.
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