Maoz Israel Report February, 2020

A Vision Concerning the Destinies of the United States, Israel & the United Kingdom

This powerful and pertinent prophecy is coming from a woman from Ireland who has a considerable gifting and is known to give accurate prophecies which are powerful and beneficial to the praying Body of Messiah.

Maoz Israel
By Maoz Israel

Given by Veronica West on November 12, 2019

This powerful and pertinent prophecy is coming from a woman from Ireland who has a considerable gifting and is known to give accurate prophecies which are powerful and beneficial to the praying Body of Messiah.

This evening I was prompted to go into my prayer closet as The Spirit of Revelation wanted to show me something significant.

As I began to pray in The Spirit, suddenly I heard the sound of a gavel being hit upon a wooden block and as I prayerfully leaned a little deeper into the sound, suddenly I was caught up in a powerful vision where I found myself standing in what looked like an elaborate type of library.

As far as my eyes could see, I saw that there were hundreds upon hundreds of large ancient books lining the back of the walls in this strange place.  This room was so vast that I couldn’t see where the room began or where it ended.

The ceilings in this strange and magnificent place were so high that again I could not see where the ceiling started or ended and the walls seemed to span out as far as my eyes could see, no beginning and no end.

But as I tried to adjust my vision to my surroundings to get a closer look, things seemed only to get further away!

However, I knew by revelation that this was, in fact, a realm and dimension of The Spirit that I had never seen or encountered before now.

I could tangibly feel the weightiness of The Glory of The LORD in that place.

Radiant light of many colors illuminated the whole place.  The atmosphere felt thick and heavy with a sense of The Fear of The LORD, and yet a feeling of great expectation and anticipation filled my heart and mind.

Then suddenly I became aware of the presence of an Angel of The LORD who was standing at my right hand side!  Ha!  But I dared not look to the right or to the left, as I was immediately overwhelmed by a feeling of great awe at both the size and the sheer magnitude of this created angelic being that was standing at my side.

Now while I dared not look at The Angel of The LORD, I could feel an intense heat radiating from where the angel stood.  Strange heatwaves seemed to penetrate my innermost being.

While trying to take in all of my surroundings within the vision, my heart began to inquire of The LORD and immediately The Angel spoke to me saying, “Fear not!  Only watch and do not speak…!”

As I heard the voice of The Angel, suddenly the vision shifted, and I found myself standing looking at three large and ancient books which stood upright and side by side.

Now just looking at them, I could feel the weightiness of each book.  Not even the strongest of men nor the most powerful of machines could lift even one of these ancient books that stood before me!

As I looked intently at them, suddenly a voice spoke to me saying, “These are the books of the written destinies of three nations…”

As I listened, daring not speak or utter a single word, I looked at the first book and I knew by revelation I was looking at the book of The Written Destiny of the nation of the United States of America.

The middle book which stood between the three was the book of The Written Destiny of Israel and the last of the three was the book of The Written Destiny of The United Kingdom of Great Britain.

As I stayed watching, suddenly I saw as if in slow motion, the book of America, the book of Israel and the United Kingdom begin to fall.

Having tangibly felt and experienced something of the weightiness and the magnitude of these three books, I braced myself for a great and terrifying shaking that would happen as they fell to the ground.

But!  Just as the three books began to fall, two hands suddenly appeared, each hand holding what looked like a solid-gold bookend which were placed on either side of the books that had begun to fall.

Then suddenly I heard these words, “My Righteousness and My Justice shall be known as The Golden Bookends that will uplift and uphold these three nations, for a time of great change, transformation and reformation is now upon them!”

As I heard the voice speak, I saw again the two solid-gold Bookends being placed at either side of the three nations that were falling.

As I looked at these Golden Bookends, I saw the Words Righteousness deeply engraved on the one and Justice deeply engraved on the other.

As I looked and I looked again, I saw that the books of the written destinies of these three nations were now standing upright, side by side and fixed firmly in place for such a time as this…!

Then suddenly I found myself aware once again of my natural surroundings and I began to pray as The Spirit led me to pray for the three nations I was shown.

The Spirit of Revelation quieted my spirit as I began to meditate on everything I was shown.

I believe and submit that the three nations I was shown have a unique and divine connection in this hour and that the destinies of these three nations are intrinsically interwoven with one another.

“Righteousness and Justice” shall surely prevail as the Golden Bookends that will prevent these nations from falling at this time.

For I see the governing hand of God now moving mightily and strategically on behalf of these three nations.

There is a divine alignment taking place in the realm of The Spirit.  I believe prophetically we will see a mighty demonstration of the “righteousness and the justice” of God prevailing on behalf of these three nations in the days to come to the Glory of Yeshua.

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