Maoz Israel Report November 2019

Reaching Out to Muslims and Ethnic Arab Christians

In Judea and Samaria

While children in Palestinian controlled areas are being exploited by terrorist organizations, there are those of us fighting for the lives of these innocents.

Maoz Israel
By Maoz Israel

This year alone, we’ve worked significantly in 10 Muslim and ethnic Arab villages. Most people don’t know that many Arabs who were born “Christian” have never actually heard the full gospel. And thus, they are just as lost as Arabs who are born Muslims. We’ve ministered to special needs people, widows and poor families. We’ve also sponsored disabled children events and conducted Children’s and Parenting Camps focusing on raising children, God’s love and plans for them and how to communicate kindly with others. We’re happy to share highlights of some of the events, as well as some personal testimonies. These are first hand testimonies from our Arab co-worker in the Lord who we shall call Jamal for security reasons. Maoz Israel supports Jamal’s work as he is able to work in areas of the West Bank where Jews can’t go.

Camps for Children

Camps that reach children are one of the most effective ways to bring a clear message of salvation to entire families. At our last camp, we had approximately 100 kids attending. The children heard the story of Jesus’ resurrection, and we asked them to pray with us to follow Him. Many of these families have suffered greatly because of Islamic oppression. When parents see the love we give their children, they recognize we are of a different spirit than Islam.

Visiting Homes


Some of the neediest in the Arab villages can’t come out to events, so we visit them in their homes. It is difficult for a woman in Arab culture to support herself and so we often reach out to widows. Aida (right) lost her husband and her sons. She said when her sons died, she died inside. So we prayed with her and gave her food. She told us we had come just as she had completely run out of food. Another single mom, Amal, had a husband who was addicted to drugs. He paid for his drugs by selling them as well. He regularly raped his wife and beat her and their children. His drug abuse caused one of their children to be born mentally damaged. We helped her and also taught her about forgiveness so she could be free inside. There are too many stories like these, and very few options for the victims to get help. We continue to pray for miracles, resources and creative ideas to rescue these people from their difficult situations.

Training at Different Villages

We offer different training seminars for different villages. One of the training we did focused on parents with disabled children. We took time to let them share their stories about the suffering they have faced. Then we encouraged them to present their problems to God and trust God. This event opened doors for us to share the Gospel with leaders in the village who have never heard this rescue story of God’s Son. We rejoice in knowing that when the leaders of a people are godly, the people will prosper!

Mobile Clinics

We brought a mobile clinic to two different villages with 12,000 inhabitants. These villages never had a visit from a Christian organization before. We brought specialized doctors along, a Neurologist, Dentist, Chiropractor, Pediatrician and a General Practitioner treating 200 patients. The leaders of the villages showed much gratitude towards the team because of their unique patience and compassion towards the people. These events help us build relationships with people in the community, share the love of God and pray with patients.

While children in Palestinian controlled areas are being exploited by terrorist organizations, there are those of us fighting for the lives of these innocents. This past summer 150 kids between the ages of 6 and 12 participated in summer camps that taught them God has a better plan for them. Most of them are from Muslim families and some of the kids have special needs. We ask you to join us in prayer that the seeds we planted in these children will take root and bring a harvest of souls into God’s kingdom.

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