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In this time of transition from the leadership of Ari and Shira to Kobi and Shani, together we are able to combine experience with fresh new perspectives, skills and passion, enhancing Maoz’ ability to reach the lost and help make believers strong in Israel.

Shira Sorko-Ram
By Shira Sorko-Ram


0819 - Shani singing

In this time of transition from the leadership of Ari and Shira to Kobi and Shani, together we are able to combine experience with fresh new perspectives, skills and passion, enhancing Maoz’ ability to reach the lost and help make believers strong in Israel.

Kobi is the Executive Director of Maoz Israel.  He oversees all the operations of Maoz in Israel as well as our six Maoz Israel branches around the world.

Shani serves as the Chief Creative Officer.  She oversees all the creative aspects of Maoz.  Anything that has to do with how Maoz Israel looks and feels online or on paper goes through her. She writes music in Hebrew and English and her audio and video music (on iTunes and YouTube) are in both languages.

They divide their time between the Fellowship of Artists recording studio in Jerusalem and the workings of the Tel Aviv office. They also travel and minister with their five children.

0819 - Kobi speaking at a Messianic Congregation

In this article we want you to meet the wonderful members of our Maoz Team in Tel Aviv and explain what they do! We are indeed fortunate to have such a talented and committed team to help us carry out the vision and purpose of Maoz Israel!


0819 - Liraz

Liraz manages our Hebrew Publishing! 

Thanks to her, our Hebrew-language faith-based books are available to anyone in the world on, on Amazon, and also on the biggest eBook company in Israel

She is responsible for the entire publishing process, from obtaining publishing rights all the way through to distribution.


Alisa is our Maoz receptionist and secretary.

If you visit the Maoz offices in Tel Aviv, she is your first impression—and a good one!  She is a terrific organizer and manages the operations of the office.  She makes it look easy!  She helps anyone and everyone here in the office—and is always smiling.

0819 - Alisa


0819 - Kati

Kati is our executive secretary and personal assistant. 

If you have ever tried to get in touch with us, no doubt, you have talked with her first…she makes us look good!

She communicates with pastors and leaders in Israel and around the world.  She also coordinates requests for aid from  With her skills in four languages, she easily translates a myriad of resources for us.  She is the face of Maoz for many!


Irina is our bookkeeper in charge of all the daily office financial routines: banking, invoices, payments to suppliers, and keeping the lights on!

She supervises sales of Maoz books and CDs and manages employees’ work hours and vacation time.  When you ask her to do something, you know it’s done!  She coordinates seamlessly with Veronica.

0819 - Irina


Veronica is our financial manager.   She is an independent contractor who works for us two days a week.

It is her job to work with our bookkeeper, accountant, bank and lawyer and to administer, coordinate and monitor the organization’s financial activity – and to fill out mountains of government stuff. She’s important!  And we are thrilled to have her expertise.

0819 - Veronica


Yoni is our webmaster, professional photographer and videographer.  He’s our newest hire, and we are constantly discovering his many talents!

His position includes website maintenance, content creation and promotion in social network outreach.  He’s also the one we call on when some technical device doesn’t work!

0819 - Yoni


Tanya has led our Music Making for Kids program from the very beginning!  And now she has built that program to serve 60 Messianic children from across the country. She and husband Roman are responsible for composing, recording and editing children’s Hebrew-language CDs and music videos.

Roman is a fantastic musician.  He is our media guru, plays professionally many musical instruments. He also distributes Maoz books to congregations and bookstores around the country.  He is our “everything” guy!

Tanya and Roman are actively involved with several children’s choirs, ministering in camps, conferences and holiday events, and both are on the worship team at Tiferet Yeshua Congregation in Tel Aviv (the congregation we founded).

0819 - Tanya and Roman


Katy is responsible for partner relations and communications with our online subscribers.  She has worn many hats over the years, starting her tenure in our U.S.A. office, then moving back home to work here in the Land.  She formats the online version of the Maoz Israel Report in several languages and gathers content for social network posts.  She works closely with all Maoz Israel departments in Tel Aviv and our international offices.

0819 - Katy


Omer, our graphic design artist, has worked side-by-side with Shira at least ten years, preparing the monthly Maoz Israel Report, along with many other projects.  Our readers have responded over and over to his magnificent gift of design.

Omer also serves as our representative for Maoz in Latin American countries, where we have several volunteers introducing Maoz and its ministry into Spanish-speaking regions.

0819 - Omer

Dear Maoz partner,

Where do we begin?

All in all, in the last 12 months, you have helped us participate in 12 major projects and programs of Israeli ministries – Katzir youth camps, Feeding Tel Aviv, hosting lone soldiers and helping new immigrants, Arab outreach in the West Bank, supporting Israeli congregations, financially assisting persecuted believers and assisting a ministry to alcoholics and drug abusers.

We have been able to invest in these wonderful endeavors all over Israel, as well as continuing to publish faith-based books in Hebrew, and sponsor sixty Messianic children to be part of God’s worship teams in Israel.

We are producing more and more recordings of believing Israeli musicians and artists. We now have secured a record label, Fellowship ofArtists, where Hebrew and Arabic and English Israeli worship music can be easily accessed by the public. This is a great breakthrough for our Messianic artists’ community! We know from much experience that music opens the door to introducing the Good News to Israelis as no other media can!

We are also in the middle of our three-year project with the Israel Bible Society–translating the fabulous Narrated Bible in Chronological Order. Putting introductions to each section and captions to the paragraphs makes this Bible a superb introduction to Israelis who have not read the Bible because of the difficulty in reading ancient Hebrew. And this project is right on schedule!

And we haven’t even mentioned our IstandwithIsrael aid program to Israeli Messianic Jews and Arab Christians from all walks of life – to the most needy, to those who are wanting to educate themselves or open a small business – in order to help make the believing community strong in Israel.

We are busy – strengthening the Body in Israel!

This last weekend, I (Shira) had the pleasure of attending a ceremony organized by Joel Goldberg and his Netivah (Pathway) organization. This is a ten-day course – to give sixty young men and women a final boost to strengthen their walk with God before they enter the Israeli Defense Forces.

We gave you an opportunity to give toward this project back in February, and you helped make this wonderful spiritual event possible for these teenagers about to take on the responsibility of protecting the nation of Israel against her enemies.

In fact, in the last twelve months, with your help, we have invested $765,000* in these outreach opportunities! And together we have changed lives!

When you give to Maoz Israel ministries, you are part of what God is doing in Israel today. And you are certainly laying up treasures in heaven!

As the Body grows – especially the youth – there are more and more phenomenal opportunities to strengthen the Body and watch the Harvest increase.

The Harvest is great. The opportunities are limitless. The Lord is calling for laborers. So with all our hearts, we say, “Join us at this great moment in time – to make believers strong in Israel and declare the Good News to our people!”

With many thanks to YOU,

Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram,  Kobi and Shani Ferguson

P.S. Every time you give, you support works all over Israel. We are grateful for your loyal partnership — and your faithfulness each and every month!

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