Maoz Israel Report July 2019

Our Music Makers Compete Internationally

The fourth annual international vocal competition took place in Israel. Three kids involved in Maoz Israel’s program to develop young musicians, all aged 10, represented Israel in the competition.

Maoz Israel
By Maoz Israel

Dear Maoz Israel Partners,

On April 2-3, 2019, a very important cultural event took place in Israel – the fourth annual international vocal competition in memory of the great Jewish tenor, Mikhail Alexandrovich.

One of the main objectives of the competition is to identify and support young talents. A panel of professional judges, including well-known singers and composers from Israel, Lithuania, Russia and Germany, scored the performances.

During the two days of the competition, 133 vocalists flew in from all over the world world to perform in classical, folk and pop styles in front of a jury. The youngest of them was 5 years old, and the oldest was 25.

Three kids involved in Maoz Israel’s program to develop young musicians, represented Israel in the competition – Oren, Natalia and Stephanie – all aged 10.

We are so proud, that all three of our competitors were among the winners of the competition, receiving honorary awards for best performances in their respective categories.

The second day of the competition featured a gala concert of the top 30 performances, and our three children performed brilliantly, showing their vocal and artistic mastery.

We want to congratulate our dear little artists, and also thank all the supporters for the “Music Making For Kids” project. Thanks to you, Israel’s worshipers are rising again.

Tanya Kadin
Music Making For Kids Program Director

0719 - Music Making For Kids 2
0719 - Music Making For Kids 3

Music Making for Kids is one of several ways the Fellowship of Artists is growing and developing Israeli worship in Israel. We believe God has called Israel to be a people of worship and an influencer in worship around the world. Therefore…

The Fellowship of Artists offers:


Scholarships and tutoring for young talents to develop their skill


Fellowship and discipleship to grow in spiritual maturity and character

0719 - Fellowship Of Artists - mentoring


Studio recording and ministry opportunities in Israel and abroad

0719 - Fellowship of Artists - opportunity

Dear Maoz Partner,

They say music is a universal language that captures the heart and communicates beyond the power of mere words.

Perhaps that is why we’ve had people of different walks of life – Orthodox and secular – tell us of the experiences they’ve had listening to our Israeli worship music. “I can’t explain it,” they say, “I didn’t understand everything you were talking about but I could sense this incredible presence…”

The same message of God’s love that would be rejected if spoken on a street corner is often enthusiastically embraced when shared to the tune of beautiful notes.

This makes music both important for reaching Israelis with the Gospel and for filling the land of Israel with the sounds of true worship.

However, we all know, musicians aren’t born–they are trained and nurtured into who they were born to become.

Therefore, we pursue the vision of creating the best possible Israeli worship music – by finding and training young talent. We test each child several times a year to assure they are progressing. And they compete for the scholarships Music Making for Kids offers each year.

We have 60 children who have worked diligently this past year to reach their goals so they can continue. And we don’t want to turn a single child away next year.

They are trained vocally and study a variety of instruments from cello to saxophone to guitar to drums.

$100 will sponsor a child’s studies for a month. $1,000 will sponsor them for the entire year.

Within a few years these kids will be ready and able to fill much needed positions in worship teams across the country and even write their own original Israeli worship.

You can change the way Israel hears the Gospel by sponsoring a musician this year through our Music Making for Kids program!

For Zion’s Sake,

Ari, Shira, Kobi and Shani

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