Maoz Israel Report May 2019

Israelis Read Books!

Take a look at this selection of books we are currently in the process of translating and publishing. We invite you to partner with us in getting the most important message in the whole world to our Israeli people. It is their time!

Maoz Israel
By Maoz Israel

One of the most effective tools God has given us for bringing light and truth to both believers and non-believers is through BOOKS

These books by contemporary men and women who have proven lives of commitment and maturity, have a message for this generation. Thankfully, Israelis still read books!

Take a look at this selection of books we are currently in the process of translating and publishing.

We invite you to partner with us in getting the most important message in the whole world to our Israeli people. It is their time!

– Shira Sorko-Ram

Finding Strength & Purpose in Your Wilderness
By John Bevere

0519 - God Where Are You Book

John Bevere and his wife passed through sad, difficult and barren seasons in their lives. Was it punishment? Sin? Missing the mark? Was God angry with them?

This book explores the purpose of a wilderness experience with God. The children of Israel were suffering the same problems every child of God struggles with in life. They were looking for miracles, but weren’t aware they needed, most of all, to pursue a deeper relationship with their God.

When I read this book, I immediately sent it to two close friends going through a severe and seemingly hopeless valley at this time. As Israeli believers read this book, they will find it points to a Biblically based path out of their desert to greater spiritual maturity.

TOTAL COST: $11,900
LEFT TO PAY: $7,900

By Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell

0519 - Five Love Languages for Children

At Maoz Israel, our hearts are constantly searching for every good book we can possibly publish to help children and teenagers of Messianic families stay true to their faith through those critical years. The Five Love Languages series are our #1 most-requested books. Many non-believers also ask for these books.

So we are delighted to begin translation of this book and to put it into the hands of believing Israeli parents to help their young people stay in strong relationship with their family and with God.

The bottom line of these authors is how to help your child feel loved. When a child feels loved, when his or her tank is full, they will be more open and responsive to parental guidance in all areas of life.

Each child is different, but these godly authors, with a lifetime of experience in pediatrics, psychiatry and family life, provide the well-tested tools of quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service and physical touch. This book will help Israeli Messianic Jews and Christian Arabs parent their children in a way that results in a warm, close, faith-filled family.  Do Israelis need this book? YES, they do!

TOTAL COST: $11,984
LEFT TO PAY: $11,984

How Israel, the Jews and the Christian Church Will Come Together in the Last Days
By Don Finto

0519 - Your People Shall Be My People

This remarkable pastor, who nurtured Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant, has a pure and powerful love for the Israeli people. He wrote this book for Christians.

So why translate it into Hebrew? The Israeli nation in the last half-century has gone through a true revelation and revolution. Fifty years ago, Israelis were convinced Christianity was their greatest enemy, and viewed all of Nazi Europe as typical Christians who were haters of Jews.

Today, the Israeli people, from top officials on down, now see Evangelical Christians as their greatest friends and supporters in the world. Finto’s book will explain why. His love just shines through! It will, no doubt, cause many Israelis to hunger after the God of Israel and His Jewish Son, Yeshua!

TOTAL COST: $11,912
LEFT TO PAY: $3,541

A Revealing Look at Angels, Demons, Miracles, Heaven and Hell
By Jonathan Bernis

0519 - A Rabbi Looks at the Supernatural

Maoz Israel has published scores of books critically important for the discipling and growth of Israeli believers in Yeshua. But what about the person who shows interest in your witness, but knows virtually nothing about the Gospel? This book is for them!

There are very few reader-friendly books that are easy to comprehend and yet answer, in a compelling and captivating way, the most important questions of life for the non-believer.

From a Jewish point of view, Bernis examines a wide variety of spiritually-diverse subjects such as angels, ghosts, aliens, the lives of Bernie Maddox and Elvis Presley, the thoughts of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, plus near-death experiences of unbelievers and believers in Yeshua.

His conclusions are not only thought-provoking but, I believe, will be convincing to many Israelis searching for Truth.  I can think of several friends right now, to whom I have been witnessing, and I can’t wait to give this book to them!

TOTAL COST: $12,330
LEFT TO PAY: $8,105

A Fundamental Element to Walking in the New Covenant
By Ari Sorko-Ram

0519 - Teaching on Immersion book

In Jewish culture, there is great opposition to a Jewish follower of Yeshua being baptized, as it is wrongly thought the Jewish person will no longer be a Jew.

Nevertheless, water baptism is a fundamental element for every Jew or Gentile walking in the New Covenant. It is a commandment of the Messiah—not an optional choice. Therefore, it is critical for every Israeli believer to know why he or she should be baptized, and how God will use this act of obedience to strengthen their faith and increase their ability to hear His “still, small voice.”

This book takes the reader through the Old and New Testament—laying a firm foundational understanding of immersion.  It is sure to give the reader—both Jew and Gentile—new insight!

TOTAL COST: $1,300
LEFT TO PAY: $1,300

TOTAL COST: $1,300
LEFT TO PAY: $1,300

A Fundamental Element to Walking in the New Covenant
By Ari Sorko-Ram

0519 - One New Man book

The Middle East is like no place else!  In Israel, we Messianic Jews have as our neighbors Orthodox Jews who persecute us, Muslim Arabs who despise us, and true Christian Arabs who are our co-workers in Messiah’s harvest.

Just how do we relate to our fellow man as the One New Man–spiritually, nationally and internationally? Yes, the New Man is a Jew and a Gentile walking together.  But how does that work in practical terms?  The reader will find a surprising commentary of God’s plan and purpose for the One New Man.

Because there are many Messianic congregations of Russian background here in Israel who are asking us for these basic studies that are particularly relevant to believing Jews, we are, for the first time, going to publish Ari’s two books both in Hebrew and Russian.

TOTAL COST: $1,300
LEFT TO PAY: $1,300

TOTAL COST: $1,300
LEFT TO PAY: $1,300

Both of Ari’s new books are also available in English. Request your copy today!

Dear Maoz Partner,

Like many Messianic believers in Israel, we often find ourselves in deep conversation with someone who really shows interest in Yeshua, the Messiah.  Often it is a typical agnostic who wants to know how we came to believe in God, how we know He exists, and what difference our faith has made in our lives.  These are the very people we love to give books to – it’s WHY we publish books!

The whole series of Jonathan Bernis’ “A Rabbi Looks…” are just the kind of books that Israelis, who are searching or have a soft heart towards God, will read.  We plan to offer them through social networking and get them into Israeli bookstores where non-believers can find them!

Secondly, as more and more Israelis are coming to faith, basic teachings of the fundamental truths of the Bible – especially subjects that raise questions or issues from a Jewish point of view – need to be addressed head on.  Both water baptism (immersion) and the subject of the One New Man generate many questions.  Does a Jew remain a Jew after immersion?  Does the teaching of the one new man mean all Jews will one day become a part of the Christian faith?  Clarifying the truths of the Scriptures versus man’s tradition brings joy and strength to the Messianic Jewish believer.

Three other books we are currently working on will minister to people in different seasons of their faith: shining a light for a believer in deep sorrow; helping parents to not only love their children, but also to show that love in practical ways; and finally, the wonderful book by Don Finto that radiates the love of God from cover to cover…

Yes, we are proud of the wonderful selection of books we can make available in Hebrew, and we are committed to continue publishing the best and most pertinent books we can find to meet the needs of the Israeli people – both believers and not-yet believers!

As we have said many times, the cost of publishing books in Hebrew is very high.  But they are one of the most valuable tools in bringing salvation and Eternal Life to our people.  All of us know there is no price tag for one precious lost sheep coming to faith.

So with all our hearts, we pray that you, our partner, will help us get these books translated, typeset, edited, printed and distributed all over our nation for the Glory of our God and the Salvation of Israel!

Because God promised,

Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram

P.S. Here is a word from Simcha Davidov, a Pioneer Israeli Messianic Leader:

“I have read many of the important books Maoz Israel Ministries has translated into Hebrew.  The translations are excellent.  Some I have read several times, as well as given them to others to read.  The books Maoz has translated have greatly helped to build up believers in Israel.”

Whether you can give an extra $10 for books this month, or provide for an entire book, we thank you!  It’s for the GOSPEL to go forth from Zion!

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