Pastor Jabes Alencar is one of the senior leaders of the Assemblies of God churches throughout Brazil. In this photo, along with Pastor Silas Malafaia, another important evangelical leader in Brazil, he prays with the newly elected president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, shortly after confirming his victory.
Maoz Israel Report January 2019

Brazil The Sleeping Giant Has Finally Awakened!

Bolsonaro came with the proposal of change the nation asked for, but could not translate into words and feelings; we were anesthetized and we did not react. With the new proposals, the sleeping giant has finally awakened!

Maoz Israel
By Maoz Israel

Brazil begins 2019 with a new president, overwhelmingly elected by Brazilians who were fed up with the old politics of corruption that plagued one of the most promising nations on earth. Much fake news about our new president, Jair Bolsonaro, is broadcast daily in national and international media in an attempt to embarrass his government here at home and before the international community. I could say many things about what the Brazilian people really think about our new president, but I would rather let three renowned and important pastors on the Brazilian scene express their own opinions.

Pr. Anderson Santos
Director of Maoz Israel in Brazil

International Ministry of Restoration, in Manaus, northern Brazil.

Brazil was saturated with so much hypocrisy and oppression from the left that reigned for 13 consecutive years and defrauded the nation in such a way that we were exposed and defenseless on the national and international scene. The left fueled the addiction of poverty and social calamity, enslaving 54 million miserable people with monthly basic food baskets and false life improvement proposals.

Crime in Brazil was devastating and one of the causes was corruption and poverty. Corruption is a cancer, a principality, but it can be defeated. A team of jurists who followed the exemplary performance of Judge Sergio Moro (now Minister of Justice) has restored the moral compass of the nation. Today, powerful people who have stolen from our country have been arrested and are in jail. The nation’s morals are being cleansed.

Our economy was devastated and Bolsonaro has begun building the new government with specialists in each ministry. This is a big difference, because the positions are not being occupied by political alliances, but by skilled competence. We are still at the beginning of his mandate, but even in the period of transition, we have seen signs of hope such as the rise of the Stock Exchange, the rise of our currency rate and the promise of investors. We believe it will be an exceptional government.

Bolsonaro came with the proposal of change the nation asked for, but could not translate into words and feelings; we were anesthetized and we did not react. With the new proposals, the sleeping giant has finally awakened!

Brazil is a Christian country, 86% between Catholics and evangelicals. We are conservative; we do not accept abortion, homosexual marriage, gender ideology, degradation of the traditional family, or mutilation of our values. This helped to elect Bolsonaro and demolish the leftist parties and the ideology that opposes these principles.

It has already been confirmed that the Brazilian embassy will move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. For the sake of security the timing has not been revealed. This was one of the issues that rallied the Zionist Christians to elect him. According to the last conversation with his team, everything is ready for this unusual moment. His wife, Michelle Bolsonaro, is a born-again believer who attends Igreja Batista Atitude in Rio de Janeiro. She is active in social projects, including bringing Israeli technology and kibbutz experts to irrigate the northeast of our country.


The liberal news says Bolsonaro will probably kill many people in his desire to wipe out crime. But as always, it’s a lie. Thugs will be punished at the level they threaten the nation, but the human rights protocol followed by the UN will be respected, as long as it does not interfere with national sovereignty. Bolsonaro campaigned  with a hard discourse against corruption and marginality. His Civilian Security and Corruption Cleanup Campaign led the nation to join him. And he won!

Bolsonaro is a Catholic, but aligns closely to the evangelicals because of his wife’s faith. He is our first president to surround himself with men of God to seek counsel. He is very focused on faith and will surround himself with men of values. He values wise counsel. This is the greatest secret of his leadership.

Assembly of God Leader in Brazil

I believe the election of Jair Bolsonaro is a true miracle, and it happened through the unity of the Brazilian people who represented a true cry of liberation—and above all, with the blessing of God.

After years of left-wing governments, with an ideology totally contrary to the Jewish-Christian principles that have always guided our nation, we see hope being reborn.

Brazil, since its founding in 1500, has always been a Christian majority country, with moral, ethical, and religious principles based on the Holy Bible. But the last two presidents of Brazil, with socialist and even Communist bias, misrepresented and attempted to destroy such principles, generating widespread dissatisfaction.

In addition, our country has reached a very serious level of crisis—with violence and deep economic mismanagement, resulting in millions of unemployed people, and about 30% of the population living below the poverty line. We have experienced an unprecedented crisis with the closure and bankruptcy of thousands of industries and commercial establishments.

It was within this context that the Brazilian people decided to react and elect a leader who could change the course for the future. It is necessary to emphasize the important participation of the evangelical community, who practically defined the elections by voting Bolsonaro.

We also emphasize that Bolsonaro is a politician with almost 30 years of public life, a military man with an unblemished conduct, and without any involvement in corruption. His wife, Michele Bolsonaro, is an evangelical and works on many social projects.

Bolsonaro was able to convey to the Brazilian people a message of hope with a sincere proposal of a government of austerity, to fight against violence, and also with the promise of a government without back-scratching politics, totally based on the truth.

It is worth observing the prospect of change in Brazilian foreign policy, which President Bolsonaro proposes, and is already putting into practice: a closer relationship with several countries, such as the United States and Israel, including the proposed relocation of the Brazilian embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

I conclude with the words used by Bolsonaro himself throughout his campaign:

“Brazil above all else and God above all.”

Comunidade Apostólica Vitória Rio de Janeiro

Bolsonaro is, above all, a symbol of change. Brazilians voted for what this president represents and defends—values and morals of the family. He, like Donald Trump in the U.S.A., will transfer the Brazilian embassy to Jerusalem, returning to the great moment our nation experienced after we supported the formation of the State of Israel in 1947 at the UN. We will be recognized for being a nation that loves the God of Israel and expects the return of His great Anointed King, Yeshua.

Brazil is living in a moment of great expectation with the election of a new president. After years of government centered on policies contrary to those aspired by Brazilian society, which is Jewish-Christian in its foundations, the new president represents a shift to the most valuable principles of morals and family. We believe Israel will star in a new era with the government of Jair Bolsonaro in this alliance, and we will prosper and live in a time of restoration of the greatness of our beloved Brazil.

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