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A Sign of the Times

60 Children from 25 Messianic Congregations Throughout Israel

God has given amazing musical gifts and fortitude to the children of the Messianic Jewish community in Israel. When we began the Music Making for Kids program, we never dreamed we would see the talent and skills of our children that are now literally bursting in our congregations across the nation.

Maoz Israel
By Maoz Israel

God has given amazing musical gifts and fortitude to the children of the Messianic Jewish community in Israel. When we began the Music Making for Kids program, we never dreamed we would see the talent and skills of our children that are now literally bursting in our congregations across the nation.  It is truly a Sign from God that a whole new generation of believing children are rising up to worship God with all kinds of instruments and beautiful voices!  And it is our Maoz partners who have made this whole phenomenon possible!  We now have 60 children enrolled in Music Making for Kids.  Thank YOU!

Total Cost: $38,500.
Received: $13,000.
Yet needed: $25,500


My name is Yair, I am 11 years old, and I play the violin, the piano and I also sing.

At our congregation, I lead the children’s worship team, and I am also part of the youth worship team, where I play the piano and sing. Our children’s worship team has four members — drums, bass, piano and vocalists. Our youth team has seven members — drums, bass, guitar, piano, violin, flute, saxophone and vocals. My sister sings and plays the violin.

I think God gave me this gift because he wants me to lead people in worship and also help bring non-believers to faith. I think that when people who don’t believe in God hear praise and worship, the Holy Spirit can fill them and they start believing.

I want to praise and worship God just as King David did. My other dream is to become a pilot, and I also want to be an inventor — who makes things better.

I have been part of Music Making For Kids for four years now. The program helps me progress in my studies. When I grow up, I will most certainly use music as a tool for God.


My name is Elichen, I am 14, I live in Haifa and I’ve been playing the violin for 8 years.

I play in my Conservatory Orchestra, on the youth worship team at the congregation and sometimes on the main worship team when I stand in for my oldest sister. I also play in a national youth orchestra for children 10 to 15. (After that is the Philharmonic orchestra.)

In the future I would like to teach children music, and also serve on the worship team. I want to be everywhere where I can worship, help, and add anointing with my talent.

When we perform in MMFK recitals, the audience is believers — all like me. And each one is learning music and maybe thinking about the same future I think about. It encourages me and reminds me that I’m not the only one who believes in Yeshua and plays an instrument — there are others like me who like it and want to play.

My music right now is the best way I can thank God for this talent. If I continue investing in this gift, I will be able to give Him a greater offering of thanksgiving by being better and tell Him thank you in a way I haven’t told him yet. He gave me something not everyone receives. My desire is to bring joy and anointing to people who hear me play — that they will know He is always near, and that He exists.


We have six children, and most of them play instruments, including two professionally.

Many years ago, when our oldest son was 17 (today he is 22), our congregational worship team leaders moved away, and we were left almost without a team.  We asked our son, “Rami, would you be willing to help us? We have no one else to ask.” He said he would try.

We saw how hard it was for him, but he really poured himself into it. The other four-five people who were already on the worship team were much older than our son. But we saw God helping, and they listened to Rami, and today, we have an excellent team.

Today we see the next generation growing up, and among them there are many talented young people who are now joining the worship team.

When children hear that they will receive a scholarship because they are excelling in something, it already gives them an inner push to try. When Music Making For Kids came and said they were willing to help, that was such a huge blessing! We are full of gratitude. It is a blessing after a blessing, after a blessing.


My name is Neta, I am 8 years old, and I play the cello.

My dream is to believe in God and play for Him as much as possible, because that is the greatest feeling there is.  I want to be a part of a worship team.

I think God gave me this talent because when I play, I hear God speaking to me in my heart. I have  perfect pitch. This allows me to hear a song and play it without seeing the chords or sheet music.

I think that music is a good way to worship because it reaches God’s heart. It makes Him glad to see and hear His children fellowshipping with Him.

Being part of the Music Making for Kids program will help me meet other children who believe in Yeshua and enjoy playing and worshipping together.


Neta started talking very late, and was very closed in herself as a child. But she really loved to draw and paint — both at home and also during worship.  In her drawings, I saw something very spiritual — as if she was experiencing the Holy Spirit.  She would paint wind, flows of water, rain… Today, when she plays, she does the same — it’s like she is playing what the Holy Spirit is showing her within her and it flows out.

When Neta plays worship music, I see a spark light up in her. It’s as if she’s settling in the right place for her.



Dear Maoz Partner,

We live for the day that revival will hit this land! Multitudes upon multitudes will receive Yeshua, the Sacrificed Lamb, and will learn how to worship and pray to Israel’s Ancient of Days.

God is preparing for that day. And to us it is so clear that “suddenly” we are seeing these incredibly talented children yearning to worship and praise the Lord in a way that magnifies the God of Israel.

What’s more, they are willing to make the sacrifice of long daily hours practicing their voices and instruments to bring glory to Yeshua, King of the Jews!

As of this writing we have reached our goal of 60 children enrolled in the Music Making for Kids program—ages seven to 18!

These children are carefully vetted. They must have taken lessons for at least one year to prove their ability and diligence to seriously study music. Then they receive anywhere from 40% to 70% of the cost of their lessons, depending on their abilities. A few of our top musicians receive 90% of the cost of their lessons.

This year we have committed to invest $38,500 in our Music Making for Kids program. So far we have received $13,000 from our family of partners—leaving $25,500* yet needed for these musicians.

In Israel, students study music in what are called a conservatory. The prices are pretty much set throughout the country. When the children enroll in these conservatories, Maoz is required to make a year‘s financial commitment to the music schools.

The great immigration of Russian Jews over the last two decades has definitely increased the quality of musicians in Israel. In fact, many of the children enrolled in MMFK are from believing families who came from the former Soviet Union.

They have a culture of music. And we can provide the finances to give these children the opportunity to become what God had in mind when they were created!

This is exactly the time to invest in our children to see their gifts and talents develop for the Glory of Yeshua and to bless the Messianic Jewish community of believers throughout our nation!

For the salvation of Israel!

Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram

P.S. The average cost per child is $65* for one month, and $650* for ten months. We invite you to support one of these talented young musicians for a month or possibly a whole school year! Whatever you can give will count for eternity.


*$25,000 = £19,420, €21,530, CAD32,695

*$65 = £47, €53, CAD84

*$650 = £470, €530, CAD840


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