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The High Holiday Challenge

Just before the fall High Holidays began, a Maoz partner gave us a challenge: Find 10 families in need to help before the holidays arrive.

We spoke with pastors across the country and found 10 families in need. Watch the video above to see what happened.

This past week another Maoz partner gave us a challenge:

If you can raise $10,000 during this High Holiday season for needy families, we’ll match $10,000 as well.

That gives us two weeks where you can double your impact in Israel! Every bit you give becomes two bits we can give.

Double your impact up to $10,000. You can make a difference!

September 2020
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October 2020
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I Stand With Israel has distributed over $5 million.

has given over $7 million in financial aid to Israelis in need.

  • Financially responsible
  • Accountable vetting committee
  • Yearly third-party auditing reports

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