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Shani Ferguson
By Shani Ferguson
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Did some post or article come across your screen this past week about International Holocaust Memorial Day? Did you know the public effort to immortalize this page in history is only about 15 years old?

1. Concerning Freedom of Information:

This past week many around the world commemorated International Holocaust Memorial Day. While Jews have long pushed to keep this horrific event in the forefront of historical knowledge (so that it would never happen again), it was not until 2005 that a UN resolution finally led to the internationally-recognized day.

Of course, many nations at best, ignore—and at worst, deny—the Holocaust. However, this past year’s newly-opened doors in the Middle East have inspired initiatives to help get the stories of Holocaust survivors in front of the people of the UAE via a Zoom event.

I was encouraged to see the tears and horrified reactions of citizens of the UAE as they watched Vera Kriegel, a twin, tell of the infamous Dr. Joseph Mengele’s experimentation on her, her sister, and countless other twins and people with disabilities. The Emiratis were not only mortified, they were also outraged that these stories were not known across the Middle East. This is freedom of information in action!

In another encouraging note, Jewish anti-religious freedom activists demanded the removal of a Hebrew book written by an Israeli believer from a mainstream Hebrew book website. It may seem logical that the website refused, citing freedom of speech, but mainstream companies standing up for the Jewish believers’ rights to share their opinions in print is nothing short of monumental!

  • Father, Your words created all that exists.
  • You made us in Your image, and You gave us power in our words as well.
  • We thank You for the times and places in history where our words were allowed to be shared freely.
  • The enemy’s words of falsehood are never as powerful as Your words of truth!
  • When information is allowed to flow freely—the truth always emerges to set whole societies free.
  • While many forces are trying to shut down freedom of speech—whether in the name of decency or some other ideology—we ask for freedom of speech to expand.
  • May the truth about the Holocaust—and the emerging trends that carried an entire society with it—be shared far and wide so that people will never again fall prey to such evils.
  • Give Your people a discerning heart to know the difference between truth—and smooth talk that feels good.

2. Concerning Israeli Elections:

Bibi Netanyahu has long been an international darling for conservative and pro-Israel groups. In one sense, he has done much to defend Israel against attacks from the outside, participated in the embassy move to Jerusalem, and peace treaties in the Middle East. Let me first say, I have no passionate political feelings one way or another about any political leader in Israel because none of them hold to what I would consider even the most basic platform of godly standards. I could vote left to support greater freedom of speech, or I could vote right to support defense and sovereignty over the land of Israel. I don’t expect any of them to hold up the sanctity of life against abortion or stand up for my rights as a Jewish believer. 

It’s worth considering though, that since PM Netanyahu was re-elected in 2009 (he first served as PM in the late 90’s) he has not completed a single 4-year term. Each time the coalition he put together dissolved prematurely and new elections were set up to shuffle the deck. We have had seven elections during these 11 years of his current reign. Including the upcoming one, four of those elections will have taken place in less than two years. So, while my approach in praying for this election is, as always, for the most godly leadership available—it is also for capable leadership. We need a leader who can hold a coalition together long enough to take care of issues that have not been addressed for years because no coherent government was in place to address them.

In hopeful news, unlike the past three elections, this round has a lot of shuffling around, splitting up of groups and alliances, and even forming of entirely new political parties.

  • Father, there is no power but Your power. You ordain all those in authority. (Rom. 13)
  • Yeshua, we thank You that the government rests upon Your shoulders.
  • Israel needs You to raise up a leader who can lead all the people.
  • Right now the ultra-religious Jewish community and the Arab community both live with their own set of rules often ignoring the government and even Supreme Court rulings. Give Israel’s leaders wisdom on how to handle these sects during the pandemic – and the courage to see it through.
  • Just as in the days of the judges when each man did what was right in his own eyes (Judges 21:25) Israel needs a leader who can lead all of Israel.
  • Raise up alliances that will prove instrumental in installing Your preferred government.
  • Stir division and chaos among political forces whose purpose is the destruction of Israel.
  • Even now, we pray for the next generation of leaders in Israel who are still children. Bring them mentors, teach them Your ways, show them how to love one another and above all, love You.

3. Concerning the People of Worship:

I don’t know if you have a friend or family member who often struggles with issues, but you’ve experienced that at their core—they are something special. This is what I think of when I watch the children of Israel bumble their way through the Bible. 

This past week’s Jewish reading portion had one of these moments in it. The story covered the song of Moses and Miriam after they crossed the Red Sea. It’s worth looking at this initial response to the rescue from Egypt because most preachers focus on all the nonsense the Israelites do soon after. But nothing can change the fact that for their first act as a free people—the Israelites put their bags down, then sang, danced, and worshiped before their God.

At their core, the Children of Israel are a people of worship. 430 years of slavery were not able to kill their giftings and love for music and dancing—and 2000 years of exile have not crushed it, either. That is why the Fellowship of Artists exists—to shine the light on this thing that has always been special about the Jewish people.

  • Father, You are Lord of the dance and the song.
  • We thank You for handing out gifts of creativity to Your people.
  • Israel’s understanding of worship from the days of the Bible has spread throughout the earth— we ask that fresh worship from Zion will spread once again.
  • Give grace to the worship leaders and musicians in Israel who are redigging the wells of worship in the land, especially those from the Fellowship of Artists, who have dedicated their giftings and talents to growing Israeli worship.
  • We bless their families, friendships, spiritual walk, health, possessions, and everything they put their hands to do.
  • We continue to pray for Your blessing over everything involving the spring FoA worship concert.
  • Let our love for one another be the testimony that we are Yours. Let Your presence with us be the testimony that You are ours.

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