Prayer for Raspberries and Mutations

Shani Ferguson
By Shani Ferguson
Chip and Shani wrestle through this week’s question of the time in history when Gentiles were not invited to partake in a covenant with the God of Israel.


They let us out! Finally! We didn’t know until Saturday night for sure, but the government finally announced that Sunday morning at 7am the harshest restrictions (can’t go more than 1000 meters from your home and can’t go to work) would be removed. Schools are still out, which means millions of parents are stuck trying to figure out what to do with their kids as they put in a full work week. 

Some of our staff left their kids with the grandparents and the others had their kids tag along to the studio. Lucky for us, our team has great kids. The Maoz team was so excited to be back at work a few of us may actually have hugged each other!

1. Concerning the Mutation:

Though the origin of COVID-19 is strangely taboo to discuss, the mutations have been named by the country in which they were discovered. The one that has Israeli authorities most concerned is the UK variation. While the first two lockdowns brought the number of sick down significantly within weeks, this last lockdown did not see the numbers drop despite the complete shutdown of culture, education and commerce across the country. Officials blamed the extra contagious nature of the UK mutation that is being imported by those flying in from abroad. Though the country allowed many businesses to open their doors on Sunday (including our studio and offices!), the airport remain closed. 

  • Father, Your Word is lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.
  • You alone know what to do in this new world of complicated decisions. 
  • Grant our leaders wisdom to make the right decisions even if they go against the so-called “experts.”
  • Provide support for those wise leaders who are willing to follow Your way.
  • There are godly scientists praying for solutions and breakthroughs, and we agree with their prayers. Let Your name be glorified in this. 
  • A new medicine may have been developed in Israel, that in early tests, has sent serious and critically-ill patients home in less than a week. If this is a blessing from You, let it be released to the world quickly.
  • Grant wisdom and patience for everyday people to know how to balance being careful and still stay emotionally and spiritually healthy in the process.
  • Some are enthusiastic about the new vaccines, others are hesitant. Speak to each of Your people to know the right choice to make for their own health.

2. Concerning Kosher Raspberries:

The word “kosher” is not in the Bible, but if you know anything about Jews, it’s that the word “kosher” is almost synonymous with being Jewish. The origin of this concept is found in the Bible, and it primarily, referred to things that would be inherently unclean. For example, mold in a house, disease symptoms, and some foods that would always be considered unclean. For the Children of Israel, ostrich, swine and lobster were not Kosher and would never be considered appropriate for consumption. On the other hand, lamb, beef and salmon would be considered kosher animals for consumption, but their meat would need to be handled a certain way for it to be considered proper for consumption. 

Unfortunately, the concept of “kosher” has evolved over the years, and today a store that desires a kosher license must sell only items with the kosher stamp on them. This means every company that makes a product has to pay the rabbinical authority to put a kosher stamp on their product.

As with any good business, the rabbinical authority has different levels of kosher certifications with different price tags. I remember going to buy chocolate coins for my daughter’s birthday that occurred near Passover, and each coin was almost 4 times the usual price. The reason? Though chocolate has no yeast and therefore no real need to be certified, in order to sell them during the Passover, they needed that extra certification, which cost extra money. 

The ultra-ridiculous nature of this control over Israeli commerce was demonstrated in a news piece several years ago when a businessman protested he could only get three of the eight artificial slushy flavors he was trying to import certified as kosher. Non-food products also undergo scrutiny and in short—kosher has become a tool that allows the religious authority in this country to control the population.

This continued abuse of power came to a head early this year when raspberry products began disappearing off grocery store shelves. According to the local news, even if the raspberries have overseas kosher certification, the Israeli rabbinical authority has deemed the raspberry to be too likely to contain small bugs, even after thorough washing, and therefore should not be consumed. There is potential for Israeli raspberries to be certified, but in the meantime, international raspberries in any fresh, frozen or jellied form have been deemed unholy.

  • Father, You ordain our authority but You have the final word in this land.
  • Yeshua, when You walked the earth You saw the religious control over the people and didn’t like it. We ask that You would once again stand up for the people of Israel against religious control.
  • Restore the proper place of Israel’s religious leaders.
  • Restore raspberries and other unjustly banned foods to their rightful place on the kosher list.
  • There are those who use Your name to strain out a gnat and swallow a camel. Show Israel how to honor Your Word without drowning in the burdens of manmade additions.
  • Israel represents Your name, and yet much of what the world knows of the Jewish people is their added traditions. Let Israel be known most for Your presence that dwells among them. 

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