Prayer Concerning Wave Breakers

Shani Ferguson
By Shani Ferguson

(scroll down to the end see a special tribute to the fight for Ukraine)

Mourners light candles while paying tribute to terror victims at the location of an attack in central Tel Aviv. Israel is in a state of high alert following a wave of terror attacks that claimed the lives of 13 people over the past two weeks.

The latest wave of terror attacks did not come as a surprise. In a way, we live in a constant war zone. Still, it doesn’t hurt any less when we watch lives senselessly wiped out for an ideology and cause that is doomed to fail. Regarding the latest attacks, as Mark Twain once said, “Everything is mortal but the Jew.” The Islamic hope that Jews will one day cease to exist won’t happen as long as the God of Israel exists!

The pain is not one-sided demographically, as on more than one occasion an Arab or Druze who had enlisted with Israel’s military or police force died protecting Israelis from the terrorists. But while attacks from both organized groups and “lone wolf” types are not uncommon, there has been a shift in the attacks. For one, the terrorists are not the standard profile of poor, uneducated with-nothing-to-lose types. Some of them are educated, doing quite well financially – and not necessarily connected to a terrorist organization. What this round of “martyrs” seem to have in common is that they were suicidal – and rather than throw themselves off a cliff, they decided to make their mark on their way to death. In addition, the target audience (which has usually been religiously-dressed Jews, soldiers and police) is now everyday citizens – with no real way of identifying if they are even Jewish. As for the locations, they have been almost random – from the heart of central cities to southern rural towns—bus stops, homes and restaurants. Since the terror attacks have occurred in unexpected places where security forces are not present, citizens have been the ones to neutralize attackers.

As the imminent threat started to “hit home” a few days ago after the shooting in Bnei Brak, Israel’s PM Bennett said, “What is expected of you, Israeli citizens? Vigilance and responsibility. Whoever has a gun license, this is the time to carry a gun.”  According to news outlets, the purchase of weapons shot up 2500%.

Every round in this conflict gets a name once it intensifies enough to be considered a new “wave of violence”. This round is being called “Operation Wave Breakers” in honor of Israel’s citizens who have had to take the unfortunate role of first responders, standing in the path of the violence themselves.

Still, the IDF has not been complacent and has already caught numerous terrorists—some on their way to an attack.

  • Father, we are not in this alone! You are our fortress and strong tower. The righteous run into Your arms and are safe. (Prov. 18:10)
  • You have not called us to wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, rulers and the darkness of this world. (Ephesians 6:12) We ask that you raise warriors in the Spirit to come against the Spirit of Islam.
  • Do not be afraid of them; the Lord your God himself will fight for you. (Deuteronomy 3:22)
  • Remove the Spirit of fear from Your people as they call on Your name.
  • Ramadan began  April 1 and is over May 1. Traditionally, it is a time when Islamic forces in Judea and Samaria launch terrorist attacks. Grant wisdom to Israel’s government as to how to restrain the wave of terror that is sweeping over Israel.
  • Pray that God will protect both the Jewish and the Arab population from these terrorists.
  • Special prayer that God will watch over His Body here in Israel, against both the continuing COVID plague and now the terrorist attacks. Let Israel see Your favor on the lives of those who serve You.
  • Our current ruling coalition in Israel lost one member this week. That means there is no coalition with at least 61 members. Although the coalition may not fall immediately, it is clear to everyone that a government in chaos does not benefit the citizens of Israel. We pray for a stable government.
  • Pray that the U.S. will not  remove the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from its U.S. terrorist blacklist nor sign a nuclear deal.  To do so means the sanctions against this powerful terrorist regime will be removed, giving the IRGC much more ability—and the finances—to attack Israel and nearby Arab nations.
  • Many Messianic homes will be inviting non-believers to the Seder this coming Friday. We ask for a revelation of Yeshua, the Lamb of God, and desire to accept salvation through His Name.
  • Place courage and understanding in the hearts of Your people to be vigilant in prayer as “Wave Breakers” to protect and to withhold the enemy’s wicked plans.
  • We bless our Muslim brothers and sisters with peace that would “surpass their understanding”. Reveal yourself in that community—show them who You are and set their hearts on following  you. Let there be an outpouring of Your Spirit instead of the rulership of the Spirit of Islam.
  • We speak peace upon Jerusalem and peace upon Israel and its inhabitants.
Just for fun: This spontaneous rendition of a Ukrainian folk song that went viral inspired Stefan, one of our studio musicians to add the background music worthy of the passion expressed. Enjoy!
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