Prayer Concerning Israel’s Govenment

Shani Ferguson
By Shani Ferguson
In one of the recent failed election rounds Naftali Bennet’s “Yemina” party didn’t even win a single seat. Now in this round, despite only winning seven seats, the former businessman could wind up Prime Minister. The issue is so controversial, he and his number two, Ayelet Shaked, have already been granted added security details. (photo: Roman Yanushevsky)


1. Concerning Israel’s Government:

We are just a few signed documents away from a potential coalition. Granted, only God knows if it’ll last the full term, but honestly, when I heard someone had formed a coalition, I felt relief even before I knew what parties would make up the coalition. I’m sure there are things coming down the pike that as a believer I will find troubling, but I am convinced a flawed government is better than no government. Decision makers whom we can pray for are better than no decision makers at all. 

As it stands, Naftali Bennet, whom we speculated before the elections would be the kingpin in the negotiations, has apparently played his cards right and will be granted the role of Prime Minister for the first half of the term—despite having only seven seats to offer. Yair Lapid would then take over as Prime Minister for roughly the second half of the term.

Though Bennet is considered right of center, the coalition would include many parties from the left. So, even before the coalition papers were signed, photos of Bennet with a kafiah (Arab head covering) began circulating—an image that could inspire the extreme religious right to try to eliminate him in the name of “defending the land.” The police have taken it seriously and increased security around him.

For sure, this coalition would be made up of parties who have stark disagreements with each other but have decided the current stalemate is unbearable. 

  • Father, You are the King of Kings and the Prime Minister of Prime Ministers.
  • We ask that Your agenda be addressed by the members of our new government.
  • You see the deals being made behind closed doors. May hidden agendas that are not of You be exposed.
  • Wisdom can sidestep many traps laid out by the enemy—grant our leaders wisdom.
  • If this new government excludes Bibi Netanyahu’s Likud party, grant him the opportunity to focus on the cases brought against him. Only You know the entire truth of whether he is guilty or innocent. Let the truth come out and grant a definitive, righteous and just ruling. 
  • Israel has historically had good rulers who led her towards You and evil rulers who led her astray. We ask for leaders who will lead Israel towards You—even if those leaders don’t hold political power.
  • This new government will have years of backlogged issues to address—may those issues be addressed in the order that is important to You.
  • Many forces lie in wait to try to cut off Israel’s international relationships through boycotts and ridiculous war crime cases presented at the International Criminal Court. Render their efforts futile and worthless.

2. Concerning Anti-Semitism Abroad:

As you may know, Kobi and I and our 5 children will be flying to the U.S. this summer to participate in several conferences, do a few radio shows and visit some of our partnering congregations.

It may seem strange to some, but even with the threat from Gaza or the unrest on our streets, Israel is by far the safest place in the world for Jews to be. When we travel through certain airports, we often tell our kids to avoid speaking Hebrew in public areas, but with the spike in protests and random attacks on Jews—we’ve warned them to entirely avoid speaking Hebrew in public on this trip unless we tell them otherwise.  

  • Father, You are the defender of Your Word.
  • You promised that Israel would be a nation before You so long as the sun and the moon remained in their place in the sky. (Jer. 31:36)
  • You are able to guide our steps. We ask for supernatural guidance for the Fergusons to know where to go and what places to avoid on this trip.
  • As the work load grows, bring Maoz new qualified team members to help fulfill the vision.
  • There are those among Your followers who are misinformed about Israel. Provide divine opportunities for the Fergusons to reach them with their first-hand experiences on the ground—and the simple truths from Your Word.
  • Some of Maoz’ international branches are experiencing some harassment as well. Protect Maoz representatives around the world—their families, offices and homes. May the reach of the message they share only increase because of the hostility towards Israel.  
  • In the past, the worldwide church has been either silent or directly involved in persecuting Jews. Forbid that Your name be used as an excuse to harm Your people.
  • Today, the Bible is more accessible than ever, but many do not understand the importance of studying it. Revive a love and passion for Your Word among all who call themselves Christians.

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