Prayer Concerning Church Awakening to Israel

Shani Ferguson
By Shani Ferguson
Wailing Wall
Jew and Gentle praying to the Lord at the wailing wall in Israel.


When visitors to Israel first drive up on the Sea of Galilee the first thing most of them think is—“Wow, it’s so small!” Suddenly, all those stories about panicked disciples due to deadly winds in the middle of this glorified lake sound ridiculous. But in fact, the winds that whip down from the mountains onto the waters are truly dangerous. It’s why the locals know better than to go out on a boat at certain hours of the day. This past week proved that point as those winds flipped over a small boat and were the main culprit in the spread of wildfires up north.

The other culprit for the fires this week was the sheer lack of rain we’ve had this season. After six months of dry heat, most of the country is at high risk for fast spreading fires. We’re in mid-November and have only enjoyed a few momentary sprinkles—the kind that cake your freshly-washed car and the laundry you left hanging outside—with mud.

Father, Israel is desperate for rain, both spiritual and physical! You have promised to wash away the filth from the daughters of Zion and You will fulfill!

The connection between the Church and Israel is crucial for the success of God’s story. There is a very real and strategically-designed rift between the two—one that has been there almost since the inclusion of non-Jews into the New Covenant God made with the Jewish people. Both “sides” need each other. So, this week we will focus this prayer letter solely on keeping this matter before the Lord.

Concerning the Church and Israel:

I recently came across a prayer guide for Israel published by a megachurch in Texas. This particular church gives its first offering to Israel each month, holds a monthly Shabbat service, and has invested in the ministry of Maoz and many other messianic ministries in Israel. If you read the Apostle Paul’s writings, you’ll find all the Gentile churches in his day had this same attitude of reverence and gratitude towards the Jewish people. Sadly, this church in Texas—and intercessors like you—are not in the majority.

When we hear from church leaders about a sudden awakening in their hearts for Israel and the Jewish people, it makes our hearts leap! In the first century, the early Body of Messiah was almost 100% Jewish. When did things begin to shift and the Church start drifting away from Israel and its Hebraic roots? How did it move from the overwhelming gratitude expressed by Christians in Romans 15:27 (For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings.”) to the aggressive anti-Semitism, massive persecution and even slaughter of Jews over the past 2,000 years?

Perhaps the steps off the original road paved for those who accepted God’s New Covenant are subtle. Perhaps describing the Word of God given to the Jewish people as “old covenant,” coupled with teachings that describe it as outdated and irrelevant to one’s walk with the Lord turns into so many other issues. Given enough time in a society, these attitudes inevitably result in hostility towards Jews.  

  • Father, You are sovereign above all.
  • We do not understand all Your ways, but we recognize Your will always prevails in the end.
  • Alpha and Omega! That Your story of redemption is ONE continuous story from Genesis to Revelation is the evidence that You always complete what You began.
  • Awaken churches around the world to Israel’s irrevocable calling. (Romans 11:29) Help pastors give proper time and energy to studying and teaching about Israel.
  • To understand the people Israel who bear Your name is to understand You more. Open the understanding of Israel to Christian leaders all over the world who were taught incorrectly but are seeking a deeper understanding of You.
  • Let this revelation result in not just love for Israel but a special unity between Christians and Jewish believers.
  • Thank you that though we were once far off, we have been brought near by Your blood. You are our peace. You are the one who has broken down the dividing wall of hostility between Jews and Gentiles. We are one new man in You. (Ephesians 2:13-16)
  • Now that Israel is opening to outsiders again, grant opportunities for Christian leaders to come to Israel and meet with Jewish believers. The reality “on the ground” in Israel and relationships with locals can go a long way in erasing misconceptions about the calling of Jews and Gentiles in the Lord.
  • We pray that this gap between Israel and the Church would be closed. Lord, heal the wounds that the Church has inflicted on the Jewish people for centuries.
  • Silence the voices of those who would call on Christians to persecute Jews in the name of their Messiah.
  • Break the lie Christians all over the Middle East have been fed that you can worship the King of the Jews and yet hate His people.
  • Thank you, Lord, that the Church has been rediscovering her Jewish roots and is finding ways to restore relationship with Israel. You command your blessing on those who value Israel. (Genesis 12:3) Let this understanding spread throughout the Church.
  • We honor You as the source and reason Israel even matters. Let Your name be glorified above all.

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    Your fellow intercessors,

    Kobi and Shani Ferguson
    and the entire Maoz Israel Team
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