Concerning Ice Cream and Lebanon

Shani Ferguson
By Shani Ferguson
With the Ben and Jerry’s controversy, who knew the decision of whether to eat ice cream or not could be so complex?


Are you feeling the stirrings of the new school year, yet ? It’s not even August yet, but Israel is already trying to lay out the rules for the coming school year that begins Sept 1. The goal is to find a delicate balance that will keep a potential COVID outbreak from spreading uncontrollably in any given school, but will also avoid the constant disruption caused by the quarantine of hundreds of students and teachers every time a single person in that school is found positive.

It’s still unclear how the pandemic – which has caused long periods of social isolation and long exposures to screens – will affect this generation whose minds and personalities are still developing. It’s clear there’s a strong push to hijack young children from ever developing a relationship with God. Strong pushes like this usually happen when a generation is called to a special purpose. And so, for the sake of us all, our petitions for the health of families who can protect children must remain at the forefronts of our prayers. 

1. Concerning Ice Cream to Jews:

Unilever, Ben and Jerry’s parent company—long known for their activism in a variety of environmental and liberal causes—has officially decided they won’t sell to Israelis living in Judea and Samaria (West Bank). Apparently, they were mortified by a picture of an Arab woman drinking from a puddle after they were told this was happening because the Israeli Ben and Jerry’s manufacturing plant was using her well water. Where the photograph was taken is anyone’s guess, but anyone who lives in Israel knows even the poorest of the poor have access to running water, so the whole premise of this photo is fabricated at its core. Now, go try to convince the bleeding hearts of wealthy corporates of that reality….

Like all things involving the “vision” of BDS (the activist movement that exists to convince nations and companies to boycott Israel), there is no problem depriving Arabs who live and work in those areas as well—in the name of helping Arabs who also live and work in those areas—so long as Jews are hurt in the process.

As with everything in the Middle East, it’s a complex situation. Israelis instinctively wanted to boycott Ben and Jerry’s and posted videos of them dumping the ice cream. However, it is because the Israeli branch refused to acquiesce to Unilever’s demands to discriminate against Jews and Arabs who live in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) that they are now being boycotted.  Buying from the Israeli branch of Ben and Jerry’s, which acquires its ingredients locally and employs hundreds of Israelis, is just as much of a statement as boycotting Ben and Jerry’s internationally” Israelis understand this which is why sales for B&J in Israel shot up 21% the day after the announcement. 

All of this is just the latest story of many when it comes to the anti-Semitism that hides behind the premise of doing right by Palestinian Arabs. 

  • Father, all the earth and the sky are Yours to do with as You will.
  • We recognize You chose this spot of land. Its location is strategic. It is the meeting point of three continents. It cannot be ignored. What happens there stirs things up on a regional level.
  • When things are stirred up, who we are becomes more evident. Let the true nature of people around the world become more and more evident.
  • You are a God who never changes. Your promises are forever. Let it be made clear to all why You unequivocally call Yourself the God of Israel.  
  • Bless leaders—whether of nations, organizations or churches—who make a stand for Your land, Your people and Your promises. 
  • Show Israel how to react to each attack in a way that will glorify Your name and not harm the innocent unintentionally.
  • BDS has a huge network and enormous funds to spread lies towards their agenda. Expose the crooked nature of their work.  
  • For each loss Israel suffers from her haters, may they receive multiple blessings from You, her defender.
  • May Israel and the nations recognize You as the source of those blessings.
  • May the Arab people recognize that these activists are not pro-Arab, they are simply anti-Israel and anti-the God of Israel.
  • Raise up people who truly care about the Arab people who will champion their cause to become a people who may freely choose who they will worship.

2. Concerning Lebanon:

Despite the mess you hear about Israel in the news, it is nothing in comparison to the chaos occurring in many of our surrounding nations. In fact, more than once the news reports “rockets fired on Israel” when in fact, the rockets simply overshot their target within a neighboring country. Such was the case this week when two rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel accidentally.

Both the July and August Maoz Israel Reports highlighted Lebanon and the wars that followed Yasser Arafat’s invasion of the once beautiful modern nation in the 1960’s. To this day, Lebanon is plagued by terrorist organizations like Hezbollah that frustrate any attempts to return to its former iconic glory.  

In biblical times, all the surrounding nations, Lebanon has had the warmest ties with Israel, and many have been absorbed into Israel. So far, no Lebanese leader courageous enough to stand up to Hezbollah has lived long enough to bring about any significant change. 

  • Father, You are the God of every nation, tribe, and tongue.
  • It was Lebanon who sent down its cedars and craftsmen to build Your temple in Solomon’s day. Is there not a place in Your heart for their descendants?
  • In Lebanon today, as with other nations in the Mid-East, inhabitants are not free to choose who they want to worship. Even before the fall of mankind, it was always Your desire for men to be free to choose You. Grant those living in the Middle East access to Your Word and the freedom to choose.
  • Strengthen the believers in Lebanon and give their community a voice in their nation.
  • Let those who are known by Your name be known for their love for one another. 
  • Southern Lebanon was once a strong ally of Israel. Reignite this friendship in the hearts of the Lebanese people. 
  • Expose evil men who have infiltrated sensitive areas of the government or businesses who are working undercover.
  • Let Lebanon be the first among many dominoes to fall before Your throne in worship.

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